Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The Prom Pose

Ben and I have this serious problem when we take pictures together. I love having pictures to document everything we do and to help us remember but it seems like we know no other pose besides this one.

Wouldn't everyone agree that this is the typical prom pose? We complain about it each time we take a picture, but neither of us are really sure what would be a better pose. We don't exactly want to become Heidi and Spencer with a bunch of stupid, cheesy, staged-but-supposed-to-look-natural photos like this one below:

So do you see my quandary? Or am I completely off-base here? Is this not something that many people struggle with? Maybe its just me, I don't know but something's gotta give here.


Sarah said...

What beach are you on in the picture? It's beautiful!

Katie said...

Thanks, Sarah! This picture was taken on our honeymoon in Aruba. I think it is Palm Beach. It was a great night - the resort setup chairs for us to sit and watch the sunset while we had drinks and then we had dinner on the beach afterward.

Team Thompson said...

I usually think of the prom prose when the hands are (awkwardly) interlocked to show the ladies corsage.

Also includes a neon background and a bad tuxedo.

EquisBuffy said...

I do the same one ALL the time. Add to that my head always being tilted in towards anyone standing next to me. I just need to slap a corsage on my wrist to complete the package.

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