Tuesday, June 9, 2009

I'm A (D-List) Celebrity! Get Me Outta Here

Yes, I watch this show. Religiously. I am probably unwise to admit that publicly, but whatevs. I really only started watching because I love/hate Heidi and Spencer and I figured that them being included in this cast meant drama and good, mindless television. Turns out, I was absolutely correct! Shocker, I know.

I guess the show is supposed to be a spinoff on Survivor, but with celebrities. (I think every reality show is some type of spinoff of Survivor, but I digress.) Apparently, NBC has a very loose definition of the word 'celebrity' as evidenced by the cast members:

Heidi Montag
Spencer Pratt
Sanjaya Malakar
John Salley
Janice Dickinson
Stephen Baldwin
Lou Diamond Phillips
Torrie Wilson
Patti Blagojevich
Daniel Baldwin

Ummmm ... really? These people are celebrities? I guess, by definition, they are but I would be hard pressed to tell you why most of them are even famous! I think everyone knows Speidi, and the Baldwins, and possibly Lou Diamond Phillips but beyond that? Who in the world is Frangela? (They are some comedy duo on VH1). And Patti Blagojevich?

Another thing about this show? Supposedly these people are playing for a charity of their choice, and that is wonderful. But in reality, I suspect that there is some compensation involved for the people who are doing this show. Some may have good intentions and may truly be there only to support their favorite charity, but I have a hard time believing that everyone's motivations are that altruistic. So basically, they are mostly in it for the free press (let's face it ... these people are mostly famewhores) and for whatever monetary compensation they are receiving.

I think everyone has watched Survivor at one time or another. The contestants on that show are fighters .... they eat whatever nasty insects they are served and they don't back down from any physical or mental challenges. These clowns? You tell them to eat one little bug and they flip out. Literally, they totally melt!

I'm getting to the point here, I swear.

Actually, my point is two-fold so I'm getting to both of them. Really.

First, if these people honestly care about their charities they need to act right. If they're told to get into a tank full of snakes and baby alligators, they just need to do it. If they're told to eat a goat testicle, they should try. They agreed to be on this show and accepted payment so now they need to participate. Like real Survivor contestants.

Secondly, what do these people think they are accomplishing by acting like divas. Do they not realize that they are belittling themselves by the way they behave? What are they accomplishing by creating drama all the time? Why do they have to steal each other's stuff and whine about their accommodations constantly? Sure this show is a train wreck, but it might not be if they would treat it like normal Survivor contestants do. Stuff like this just gives celebrities a bad name!


Becky said...

Ugh...I watch this show too. It is such a train wreck. Do you think any of it is fake? Don't you think they might go to a resort or something when the cameras aren't taping? If that wasn't the case, NBC would have a way to watch them online at all times, right? Like Big Brother. Geez, I sound like a dork.

Accidentally Me said...

I only know it because Joel McHale instantly made it like a lead feature on The Soup...it's hilarious. Did Spencer honestly tell the producers "I am too rich and too famous to be here with these people"? You couldn't make up something funnier than that!

Erin said...

I've just watched the clips from The Soup, but I think that's enough to get what the show is all about. My favorite part was when Spencer flipped out b/c someone peeled the labels off Heidi's dry shampoo bottles - which allegedly took Spencer all day to make. Also, is Janice Dickinson's face melting off?

The Kuliseks said...

I saw it on the Soup too and how bout Spencers fro and Heidi's fake looking hair. I kind of understood his breakdown about the shampoo bottles. I was cracking up about his being too rich and famous.

EquisBuffy said...

I think I cut last night's episode down from two hours to about 30 minutes with all the fast forwarding I did. What do you think about Holly Montag being added to the cast? I don't think Holly even makes the D-List, she's an extra on The Hills for goodness sake.

Katie said...

Becky - I didn't think about that, but maybe they do. And if so then they are even more terrible for being divas during the 3 hours a day they probably film!

AM - He sure did! He also said that he and Heidi were on the same level as Brad and Angelina. Ummmm....

Erin - Yes, he said that they VANDALIZED her property! Vandalized! I didn't know it was possible to vandalize something as trivial as a shampoo bottle. And yes, JD has had waaay too much plastic surgery!

Heather - He was RAGING mad about the shampoo. Like, so mad that I thought he might punch one of the Frangela girls.

EquisBuffy - You're right, Holly isn't even a D-lister! I really don't see how she will bring anything to the table. Unless she's on the same substance she was on in the Hills finale - that could be comical at least.

Vicki said...

The scariest thing about replying to this post is that people will know I watched the show, but... Is this really going to do something good for Janice Dickenson's career? Really? Stealing food, chewing with her mouth open, peeing in camp, she's such a pig! I wouldn't have guessed that on top of being such a diva that she had the manners of a trailer trash queen. So gross...