Friday, March 22, 2013

Several weeks ago, I walked upstairs from doing something to find the scene above.  As soon as Wyatt saw me he said "Leave me alone mom, go downstairs.  I'm tryin to clean!"  Then 30 minutes after that he was throwing up and running a fever ....

Ben and Wyatt both looooovvve the junk food.  I won't lie and say I never steal a goldfish or two, but really no thanks on the chips.  I'm just not a snacker like these two are!

A few weeks ago, we took Wyatt to a train exhibit.  They had all kinds of trains to look at and play with.  Wyatt LOVED this! 
I just love my hycainths that are finally blooming!  There is really nothing better than seeing the result of your fall efforts popping up out of the ground come spring.  For some reason my daffodils haven't fared so well, but I'm going to plant a million of these next fall. 
This was the scene in my bathroom one Saturday morning.  Normally playing in the tub is strictly off limits.  Especially with the water running, but I was desperate to shower/get dressed and this was the least of all the trouble he could get into so I let it fly.  Pick your battles.
I can't get this picture to rotate, but Wyatt is super duper proud of the hand print caterpillar that he made at school.  I don't hang all of his artwork on the fridge, but I did hang this and every time W sees it he points at it and smiles. 

These things are soooooo good.  We have a 2:00 ration of chocolate every day after lunch and this was the flavor of the week.  If you find them in the store, you won't regret buying them!

Wednesday, March 6, 2013


I suppose I went MIA for a while.  Since all 3 of you who read my little blog have mentioned it to me at some point or another over the past month, I'll see if I can't get back into the habit of updating.

So, here is a little snapshot of what is going on around these parts lately.

- Wyatt loves all vehicles.  Trucks, Busses, Bulldozers, Excavators, Fire Trucks, Tractors, Fork Lifts ... etc.  You name it he knows it.  And believe me, you better not call something by the wrong name!  His daddy likes to take him to Home Depot every now and then to look at all the equipment.

- Its been a pretty rainy winter, but we take every opportunity possible to get outside and play.  Its Wyatt's happy place (and also keeps my house from getting destroyed)

- W has recently discovered a love of DariQueen and frequently asks his daddy to take him on the weekends!

- What is it with a little boy and a puddle?  They're like magnets for W.  This happened to be a semi-warm day so I let him splash away and he loved every second of it!

- A couple weekends ago we had NOTHING to do one Sunday afternoon. (Which is awesome) We got up that morning, ate our requisite pancake breakfast and walked down to the park.  We came back only for lunch and nap and he woke up asking to go again.  So we did.  It was glorious.

- I get SOOOOO bored with my clothes at the end of a season like this.  I realize I'm late to the game, but I decided to try to start getting some inspiration from Pinterest.  Takes a little longer than I normally like to spend, but at least it gives me a fresh take on the same old clothes I've been wearing all winter.  This was today's inspiration/creation!