Monday, June 29, 2009

Busy Summer!

Why is it that January and February, and even March for that matter just seem to drag on and on forever, but then when Summer comes the time flies? I guess it is mainly because I'm always busy in the summertime and hardly ever home. This past week or so has been no exception!

Over Father's Day weekend, I headed down to Perdido Key with my parents, my sister, Dave, and Ellie. They were there for the whole week and it was Ellie's first "real" trip to the beach, so I decided to go down to be with them for a few days.

Mom, Dad, and I arrived down there on Saturday afternoon where we got checked into the condo and I immediately went out on the balcony and started taking feet pictures. What is my obsession with feet pictures? Not sure. I just like them despite the fact that I generally think feet are gross.

We did go to the beach for a short time on Saturday and got settled in before Ellie and her entourage arrived. We were all exhausted that night, so we just went to bed early and got up for a full day in the sun! Kimmie brought Ellie down to the beach for a little while on Sunday afternoon, but it was really too hot for her to be out there long. (Even when she was in the shade of her baby prison!) We took Ellie out to the edge of the water for a little while, and she wasn't quite sure what to think of it! I think she was definitely interested in the waves/water/sand, but at the same time I think the waves scared her a little bit.

"Mommy ... I don't know what to think of this thing you call an ocean!"

Ellie in the baby prison

After a couple days of the heat, Kimmie and I were bored just sitting around so we kinda reverted back to the days when we were kids and used to collect shells, catch sand crabs, and build castles. My castle doesn't look too awesome but it really took me like an hour to build so don't make fun of it!!! It has cobblestone streets and everything!

I flew back home about lunchtime on Tuesday, and Ben picked me up from the airport. After a quick lunch together (so fun! we never get to have lunch together on workdays) I headed into my office and Ben back to his. I spent the next two days unpacking and re-packing for our trip this past weekend.

Ben's father turned 60 this year and so we all decided that we should head down to TPC Sawgrass to celebrate his milestone birthday. (He's an avid golfer as are both of his sons). Ben and I packed up the car on Friday and left a little before lunchtime to head down to meet his family at the World Golf Hall of Fame. We toured that until closing time and then headed back up to Ponte Vedra Beach where we were staying. After a nice dinner on the beach Friday night, we headed back to the hotel and just spent time visiting with Ben's parents and brother.

Matt, Ben, and Jim in between trophy replicas at the WGHOF. The lighting in there was terrible so this picture isn't the greatest, but you get the idea.

We all got up Saturday morning and headed over to the AMAZING clubhouse at TPC. If you ever have the chance to see this place, you really should take the opportunity! (And this is coming from someone who knows very little about golf) The clubhouse is beautiful in and of itself, not to mention the grounds there. Perfectly manicured and really something that you could probably stare at for days (this is the first time in our relationship that I actually wished I were riding in the golf cart with Ben as he played). We had lunch there, and the food was excellent! After that, the boys all played the Stadium course and fortunatley they all had a great round and more importantly, a good time together. We celebrated that night with another amazing meal (Ruth's Chris ... yum!) and then I went to have a drink with Mary Beth before calling it a night.

Ben's mother and I both laid by the pool on Sunday morning while the boys headed over to play the Valley course. They were hot and exhausted when they returned so we all went to lunch before making the long drive home.

Ben on the Valley Course

That is about all I've got for today. Check Ben's blog for a more detailed version of the weekend -- he's better at that than I.

I do have more posts coming this week though ... I promise. So check back in!


Accidentally Me said...

I love the feet picture!!! Adorable!

And wait...where is Ben's blog?!?!?

BWL said...

just got the pics from the weekend uploaded

blog should be up tonight on the round of golf at the stadium course