Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Halloween 2010

We celebrated Halloween this past weekend by going to a little get-together at a friend's house. Myself NOT included, everyone really did a great job on their costumes and we all had a good time. I was there for the 'tame' part of the evening since we had Wyatt and couldn't keep him out too late.
gatech.edu Erin, referee Tracey, and lamesauce Katie

gatech.edu Taylor, and stupid Ben (and you better believe I made plenty of "stupid husband" jokes that night!)

Sean White

Katy Perry and Russell Brand

this party animal didn't wear his costume because i knew he would be sleeping and he hates the monkey suit!

Sunday night was Trick or Treat night in our neighborhood! We didn't really know what to expect because this is our first Halloween in our house but there are lots of kiddos in our hood' so we were prepared with plenty o' candy.

Ben and I both LOVED having the trick or treaters. There were lots of great costumes and really nobody knocked on our door that I deemed "too old" for trick or treat. We plowed through two HUGE bags of candy and don't have much leftover so I would call the night a success.
We did dress Wyatt up for a couple pictures and took him to our neighbor's house just for the picture. As you can tell, he could have cared less!
We managed to get one picture of me and the little monkey in his costume before he pitched a royal fit! I thought he would cheer up slightly once we put him into his comfy pumpkin pajamas but no such luck. (Lolly, he really did appreciate them ... even if he wouldn't pose for a picture for you!)