Wednesday, August 29, 2012


I'll start off this post by telling you about what I did last Wednesday.  I managed to lock myself out of my house.  Fortunately Wyatt was upstairs in his bed, asleep so that was not a huge concern.  What did concern me and cause me a minor freak out was the fact that I had chicken in the oven cooking.  I stepped outside to deadhead some roses really quick and thankfully was on the phone when I walked out.  After my quick freak-out, and reminding myself that I needed to remain calm, I called my parents to come down with a spare key.  My dad was there within 30 minutes, and all was well.  No fire or anything -- just burned chicken (for the record, I ate it anyway .... pretty much lost my appetite after the whole episode).

The following weekend, Ben kicked W and I out of the house for fantasy draft so we went to the lake with my parents.  It was overall a fun weekend and an enjoyable trip to the lake.  We did have a little incident though.

See this picture?   Looks totally innocent, right?

 Well, it was.  We were having a nice little ride -- it was a little cloudy and we were slightly concerned about a rain storm but we weren't too far from the house and figured we could get home ahead of the rain shower.  But then, Wyatt decided that in addition to driving the boat he should play with the keys and he reached up and turned the key mid-ride.

This was no big deal, right?  Dad figured we'd just start the boat back up and head on back home.  That would have been fine, but the battery had died and we couldn't get the boat to crank.  (Also, this is SO unlike my dad - Mr. Cautious - but I don't think he realized that the battery was that weak or he never would have taken the boat out).

Did I do that??

We all freaked out a little bit, but realized that with a 2 year old in tow we needed to get our emotions in check and after a few minutes of trying dad called the marina.  We weren't far away, and they had a towing service that they dispatched right away.

I think the Marina guys were probably there within about 20 or 30 minutes of dad calling, but the thing that took this whole adventure up a notch was the fact that it started POURING rain right about the time the guy got there. Dad and the man changed the battery and Mom, Wyatt, and I huddled under the canopy to avoid the rain.  Poor dad got pelted in the face the whole way back to our dock, but really it could have been much worse. 

You know who didn't care?  This kid .... he was dry and comfortable and went to sleep on the way back. 
I've always heard that wives tale about things happening in 3's so I'm waiting to see what will happen next ....

Friday, August 17, 2012

Online Shopping

Computer access can be a dangerous thing. 

Today, I was innocently going through and deleting my junk email when I came across a 'Target Daily Deals' email.  Naturally, I was curious so I opened it up.  Today's deal was BOGO dresses plus free shipping.  Now if there are two things that entice me they are BOGO ($19.99) and free shipping.  So how was I to resist?

I probably wouldn't have caved this late in the summer to cotton summery dresses but since it stays hot until October AND this is the type of clothing that I typically wear to work AND we have a little tropical vacay planned in just a few weeks AND I've been craving new clothes AND I happened to have a gift card I gave in.  I succumbed to the power of the mighty Target.

And it feels good!

Scuse' the quality of these photos ... they're fuzzy but you can get the gist, right?

I wanted this in red, but by while I was contemplating my purchase it mysteriously disappeared from my cart!
I always need yellow for home football games, so this was an obvious choice!
This was another one that mysteriously left my cart, but I got her back!
I think this will actually work into fall for those days that you don't know what to wear because its cool in the morning and hot by afternoon.  I can put on a little cardigan and BAM! Man I'm starting to long for those days ...

Since it was already free shipping and I was trying to spend the whole gift card, I added a couple pairs of shoes to my cart as well. 

I love wedges lately, but its very hard to find ones that don't look like stripper shoes so when I saw these they went into my cart without much question.  I did violate my rule of not buying shoes online (they never fit right) but I can always return them.

Another violation of that rule.  And are red shoes even fashionable?  These clowns were only $9 so for that I'll take the chance.  But tell me if they're not cool .... I don't want to be all frumpy mom or anything. 

I may not like half this stuff once it comes in, but I guess I can always return it, right?

Thursday, August 9, 2012


Wyatt is at the cutest age right now.  I think I probably say that at every age and stage, but there are just so many things he's doing right now that I will want to remember one day.  I'm not very good at writing this stuff in his baby book, so I know this blog will have to serve as my reference when I actually do sit down to catch up with that.  So with that, here is what W is up to lately .....

  •  When he wants to be held he comes over to me, holds his hands up and says "hold you" (ahhh ... so sweet.  and its pretty rare when he actually wants to be held)
  •  We were looking through a costume catalog the other day and he saw a little boy wearing a prisoner costume.  He pointed to the little boy and said "ZEBRA!!!".  Nope kid ... definitley not a zebra. 
  • He has pretty much retired his high chair (which, I guess will give me a little extra space in the kitchen now).  If I tell him its time to eat, or that we're going out to eat he immediately looks at me and says "big boy chair?"  Its taken some punishments (i.e. - putting him in his high chair) but we're pretty much at the point where he will sit and eat his whole meal in the big boy chair.  The caveat to that is that I have to be the only one in the room at meal time, and I have to sit there with him and "coach" him to eat. 
  • He is slightly spoiled.  Or maybe naive?  I'm not sure what the right word is, but every time he asks for something that we don't have he tells me to "go buy it".  Here are a couple recent conversations:
                 W:  I want to go beach          
                 K: Sorry, bud, we aren't close to the beach. We'll go again next year
                 W:  buy beach!

                 W: I want cupcake
                 K: We don't have any cupcakes at home. Sorry!
                 W: buy cupcakes!
  • He is a negotiator.  If I am trying to bribe him with something I'll say "I'll give you 2 goldfish if you do ____" He will sometimes look up at me and say "pise goldpish" (five goldfish).  However, sometimes this works in my favor as I'll offer him a certain number and he will negotiate with a lower number .  (He knows how to count to 10, but I don't think he totally knows what the numbers mean)
  • Another example:  I usually warn him when he's about to have to do something that I know   he won't want to like go inside, or leave the pool, or go upstairs for bath -- I typically give him a 5, 3, and 1 minute warning.  So now, after he's had his warnings and its time to move on and I say "come on Wyatt, time to go get a bath" he will look up at me and say "one minute" or "pise (five) minutes".   
  • He loves his treats.  And gets them pretty much on a daily basis for various things (although to him one jelly bean is a major treat).  Anyway, several times a day he'll look up at me with the sweetest, most innocent smile and say "treat??" Its hard not to give it to him, but I usually wait until I need to bribe him!
  • If he asks for a skittle (we have a jar in the guest bedroom) and I say no, he will say "one?"  As if to say "just one skittle momma, what does that hurt?" For the record, I usually do give in to that ....
  • I don't know of any nice way to say this other than that he is starting to get slightly bossy.  He tells me where to sit, what cars I can (and can't) play with, etc.  If I'm trying to pick him up to make him do something he doesn't want to he'll say "momma back".  And sometimes, he'll tell me "momma go bye-bye".  He's a handfull! 
  • He likes to "take".  Whenever we go anywhere -- from inside to out, upstairs to down, and from the car into the store, etc he has to take something.  Sometimes its his water, sometimes its his bagel, sometimes its a toy.  Sometimes all 3.  But he always takes something -- even to bed!
  • He LOVES to jump on the bed.  Several times a day we hear "Wyatt jump bed" or "I want jump bed" ... and we typically let him as long as we can supervise.   
  • He has an elephant's memory.  It amazes me.  Last night I took away one of his cars because he hit me with it.  (He acted like I had killed his dog).  This morning the first thing he said was "need car" and pointed to where I had left it on the counter.   I gave it to him because that is the rule - he gets toys back the next day.  As soon as I handed it to him he said "no no.  no hit momma" At least I know that he understands why he was punished ....
  • For the last few weeks, his favorite books are "Llama Llama Mad at Mama" and "Very Hungry Caterpillar" .... we read these every. single. night.  
  • Because I love his mis-pronunciations ... I need to keep track of them. There are probably more but these are my favorite ones ...

    • Horse = ro or rody
    • Motorcycle = quey or motorquey
    • Umbrella = umbre-bre
    • Five = pise
    • Firetruck = poitruck (he cant say his f's yet ... which is good since his daddy slipped up and used the f word the other day ... AND WYATT REPEATED IT!)
    • yellow = dedow 
    • fall down = pall down
    • hamburger =  hamburburber
    • chicken = cinken