Friday, December 28, 2012

Wyatt loves, loves, loves trucks.  And cars.  And anything with 4 (or more wheels).  We spend countless afternoons driving cars, building 'awesome tunnels' for cars, driving trucks, crashing trucks, racing trucks, etc.  Of all the many toys he has, cars and trucks are his favorites.  So it seemed fitting that I take these photographs.

I must admit, the one of him laying down with cars around his head was a borrowed idea from Pinterest and the one of him sitting with all his cars was borrowed from my sister

I don't think that truck picture really did his collection justice.  I'm pretty sure we have more around the house that I didn't include.  Anyway, I think you get the idea!

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Pink Pig

Well, so I'm behind here on my little blog, I've been meaning to catch up all month with a little December update.  But I kept procrastinating, and now I don't even remember what we did all month. SO ... here goes my attempt.

We took a family trip to the Christmas Tree Farm Home Depot and picked out a tree.   In all honesty, we didn't spend much time looking.  I believe this was the second tree that Ben stood up and Wyatt approved so we got it. 

I meant to take photos of our decorations, but never really got around to the few finishing touches I wanted to add to everything so I just didn't.  I mainly wanted them as a reference so that next year I can remember how I hung the garland, where I placed things, etc.  Oh well.

Here is Ben in his Griswald t-shirt hanging his Griswald ornament on our tree!

OH!  and the best part about this tree of ours?  It didn't fall over this year.  (Yet)

Mom and I also took Wyatt down to ride the Pink Pig one morning.  This has become a little yearly tradition for Mom to take the grandkids down to Lenox to ride the pink pig sometime during the Christmas season. 

Wyatt wasn't so sure at first.

But he ended up really enjoying it!

Post ride-picture.  We've done this every year! 

W was sliding down the 'bench' by this point and no longer cared to pose!  I still think this is a cute picture.

And afterwards, we went to see Santa.  Wyatt had already visited with Santa (umm. in like early November) so we just waved at him from afar!  

Friday, December 7, 2012

23 versus 33

10 years ago: I never would have thought I would have an ongoing text conversation with 3 of my friends discussing the ins and outs of motherhood. Today:  I don't bat an eyelash when I see a text from a dear friend asking for breast feeding advice. 

10 years ago: whether or not I had a babysitter had absolutely zero effect on my social life.  Today: our babysitter is our lifeline to the outside world and searching for one can be the single most stressful event of my week.  (Guess I do lead  pretty charmed life)

10 years ago: my biggest concern on a Friday night was what I was going to wear to a particular social event.  Today: it is 'what in the world am I going to feed my son for dinner, and what TV shows are we going to catch up on after he goes to bed'

10 years ago: a weekend road-trip was just that.  Today:  it is a week long preparation for that trip, and a week recovery upon our return. 

10 years ago: I hated going to bars.  Today: I still do.  Guess some things never change?

10 years ago: going to the grocery store was a chore.  Today: it is an escape.

10 years ago: cooking a (balanced) meal each night was never a consideration.  Today: it is cathartic.

10 years ago: I felt the need to explain my decisions to those who might not completely understand.  Today: I (we) make the best decisions for our family and don't really worry about making others understand.  There are just some things people never do 'get' unless they are in your shoes.

10 years ago: if I didn't want to do something I thought I needed to give an excuse or explanation.  Today: I simply say "no I won't be able to make it" and leave it at that.  

10 years ago: the timing of a party really made no difference to me.  Today: we do our damdest to schedule life around nap and meal times.  A well fed-well napped child is MUCH more pleasant ... for everyone.

10 years ago: I had no clue how much joy a child would be to my life.  Yes, things are different now.  My car may have 3 month old teddy grahams stuffed in the seats. I may not have the most stylish clothes in the world.  I may bitch about having to mess up Wyatt's nap schedule to go to something.  I may have to miss fun social functions because of my responsibilities at home.  But really, I'm much more fulfilled today than I was 10 years ago. 

So I guess this is all to say that I guess life does really get better as you get older!