Monday, June 15, 2009

PETA Wouldn't Approve!

I was at my parent's house on Saturday afternoon getting ready to go to a bbq at my aunt and uncle's house. I still have a jewelry box at their house full of things I had when I was a child. Mostly its stuff I don't wear or wouldn't wear but still wanted to keep, so I just never really bothered to move it to my house. I like to go through this stuff from time to time because my tastes change and occasionally I'll find something I feel like putting into the jewelry rotation for a while!

I found this small, ivory elephant charm that I had bought in Hawaii a LOOOONG time ago. I think it is so pretty, so I decided to wear it. I didn't have a gold chain to put it on (sold all my gold at Ca$h 4 Gold .... kidding) so I went to ask my mom for one. This sent her digging into her jewelry box and she found 3 more ivory elephant charms but hers were a little larger than mine. Two of them had never been worn, and she figured they were something she'd bought in Hawaii with the intention of gifting them to someone so she just gave one of them to me! I wore it that night and the next day and intend to be wearing this little guy more frequently for a while.

Sorry for the blurry image ... it was the best picture I could capture

I don't really think the charm is politically correct, but I don't really care much about being PC. Its pretty and I want to wear and enjoy it! (And I think it was purchased before poaching became such a heated issue)


Kimberly said...

PETA wouldn't approve but I do! I love that necklace and I had forgotten all about it. I don't think I got one. I was too busy spending my money on stupid shit like stuffed gorillas...I wish i could have looked into the future and realized I would care more about a necklace than a stuffed animal. Oh well!

Erin said...

I had a similar situation with a vintage fur collar that my grandmother gave me. I really liked it, and wore it for a couple seasons, but lately I haven't been able to pull it out of the drawer. Every time I look at it, I'm reminded that an animal was brutally killed to make that collar. So, is it okay for me to wear a fur that was given to me as a gift, when I am morally opposed to the cruel practices used in the fur industry? I guess not :( I hope this is not coming across as judgmental, because that is not my intent :)

While we're on the subject of elephants, I wanted to share this link to the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust - it's a sancuary in Kenya that rescues orphaned baby elephants. It's really amazing.

Katie said...

Kimmie - Ha! What was that gorilla's name? I remember him ... I bet he's still at mom and dad's house somewhere.

Erin - I know you aren't being judgmental :) This is a controversial issue, and I figured there would be opposition to my opinions. I see your point, and while I agree with you on opposing malicious treatment of animals, I figure that this animal is already dead so I'll enjoy it. I'm also not one out picketing JLo premieres with PETA so I don't find it overly hypocritical of me to do so.

Tia Faulkner said...

Katie, Can I just start calling you Carrie Bradshaw? Your blog is great! I am usually writing about changing diapers, playdates, and timper tantrums (which I do love), however it's so nice to click on your page and get some insite on what's really important in! :)

Katie said...

Thanks, Tia! I know my blog is totally shallow ... I guess you can call it a guilty pleasure of mine.

Harrison is adorable and I'm so glad yall got moved and everything worked out with selling your house so quickly!

EquisBuffy said...

PETA apparently doesn't approve the swatting of flies so screw 'em! :)