Thursday, June 6, 2013

Wyatt's Party

Although Wyatt's actual Birthday fell on the 24th, we ended up having his party the following weekend, mostly due to the fact that his actual was on Memorial Day.  (Now if I'd only listened to my mother and my doctor and just let them induce me around his actual due date this wouldn't have been a problem.  Oh well.  Hindsight)

Anyway, we debated between a fire truck and a tractor theme.  But when it came down to it, Wyatt decided he wanted a "tractor party at the sand park".  So a tractor party at the sand park, it was.  (They used to have sand on the playground, hence 'sand park')

Ben's whole family came into town to celebrate the weekend so the birthday boy sure did have plenty of attention.  He's still on birthday detox right now!

Mom, Dad, and I set up and then Ben and his family brought the birthday boy just in time for the party.

We attempted one family picture before everyone got there.  This was the best we could do ....

Oh, and another side note.  Do you know how hard it is to find a ladies' John Deere t-shirt?  Impossible.  Thanks for nothing interwebs.

Wyatt just loves the park and especially the climbing equipment!

It was a hot afternoon, but we appreciate all the party people who came to help us celebrate our boy!

I love this picture .... he is playing with the decorations on the table, and you can see his mouth making tractor noises.  (I can just hear him saying "arrrrrrrrhhhhhh when I see this picture)

Wyatt LOVED hearing the Happy Birthday song and was super excited about his cake!

I think Wyatt and Leah are trying to scheme a way to climb this tree.

After the party we came home to open gifts with family.  There is no way we could ever do it at a party ... he gets so excited about each gift and wants to play with them as he opens them.

Wyatt especially loved the drum set compliments of Uncle Matt!