Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Cajun Spicy Shrimp

I really meant to post this last week, but sometimes a whoooole buncha blog ideas hit me all at once. Soooo this got a little delayed, sorry Ben!
I usually cook dinner for Ben and I each night that we eat at home. Its really something that I enjoy doing and kindof an escape for me at the end of a long day. So anyways. The other night Ben came home and asked what we were having for dinner. I told him we were going to have grilled shrimp and corn on the cobb. (I'm not a fancy cook) He was fine with that, but once he realized that I didn't have a new and exciting recipe for the shrimp he wanted to whomp something up.

I was totally fine with that. I figured I could just take a little break from cooking that night and he could make whatever he wanted to. I think he had an idea of how he wanted the shrimp to be cooked and spent about 30 minutes looking through recipes online. He carefully read and analyzed them and went through the ingredient lists to make sure we had everything. Finally he found one that he was happy with and went into the kitchen to get it ready. It was hilarious watching him measure out the spices exxxactly with measuring spoons but he really did a good job. It was sorta a cajun recipe that utilized lots of cayenne and crushed red pepper with garlic and a bunch of herbs with a butter and Worcestershire base. (We didn't think to take a picture until after we were finished eating, but there were some leftovers in the pan so here is that picture)

So, this brings me to a point of contention that I have with Ben. I cook pretty much every (week) night. Usually the stuff that I make turns out pretty good, but I have had more disasters than I can count on two hands. And Ben? He doesn't cook much at all. Maybe, MAYBE once a month. But usually when he does, he finds a random recipe and executes it perfectly. Why is this? I'm a more experienced cook, yet he one-ups me anytime he cooks. Its BS.

Maybe he needs to be charged with making dinner every night?

Also, I should point out that not only did he cook, but he also cleaned up the whole kitchen by himself! Without complaint. 10 points for him.


Ashley Morrison said...

Hey Girl,
Did you get my e-mail???
I hope you did... I just didn't want you to think I didin't get back in touch!
How's life...you look great as well. How is Mr. Ben? I think its your turn to have a little one isnt it?? Im sure you guys never hear that :)
Hope all is well!

ashkindred said...

Um...I'm super impressed...and jealous. That looks delicious.