Thursday, July 29, 2010

Bad Habits

Now, I'm not going to mention any names here or anything but it looks like someone has taught their son that shoes stay in the middle of the den, not the closet!


I promise a proper update is forthcoming.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

2 Months Old!

Happy 2 month birthday to Wyatt! Time really flies and I cannot believe how much he has changed even just since last month. As I said the other day, Wyatt is now sleeping through the night which is great. I usually feed him between 9:30 and 10 and he is down by 10:45 or 11. He tends to wake up about 4am, but we are usually able to get him back to sleep for another hour or so. I can't actually say that nights were ever all that bad, but every extra bit of sleep we can get is good!
Wyatt has really learned to enjoy his activity mat. He will lay there for 20-30 minutes and just kick and talk and smile the whole time. In the past week or so, he has started to bat at the stuff hanging down and he definitely likes the thing that lights up and plays music. He has started "talking" and smiling a lot. It seems like he talks most when he's lying on his back -- either on his activity mat or on the changing table. He has now started to smile often - especially when you are talking to him or are making funny noises at him.

I can't really say this kid cries all that much. He will occasionally throw a little fit but it is typically because he is tired and wants you to put him to sleep. Not that I have much basis for comparison but he is a really easy baby.
I'm now back to work part-time for the rest of July and in August I start back full time so that means daycare for Wyatt. I am NOT thrilled about sending him to daycare, but we will muddle through I guess. I'm hoping to find someone who keeps children in-home so that he can get more individualized attention.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

I'm doing good to get something posted ... don't push your luck and expect a creative title!

Once again, another weekend is upon us and I'm finally getting around to documenting our events from last week! Meme kept Wyatt last Tuesday and Wednesday so that I could work for a little while. It was SO HARD to get ready for work and get myself and Wyatt out the door on Tuesday morning! I'm just not used to getting 2 people ready but like Ben and I discussed, we will just have to figure out our routine. Thursday night was a big night for our little family! Ben and I had already planned to start weaning Wyatt off his middle of the night feeding over the weekend, but somehow on Thursday he just did it all by himself! We put him down about 10:30 or 11 and before I knew it it was 5:00 and he was just waking up! Friday night was a little more difficult for us, but when Wyatt woke up Ben was able to get him back to sleep until 5:30 or 6, I think. I say this with great trepidation, but ever since that night he hasn't really woken up for long and certainly hasn't demanded to eat in the middle of the night. I'm just hoping this pattern continues.

We had to get out the door early again Friday morning to go to work but we enlisted Ben's help this time and it actually went a lot more smoothly. My parents and sister went on a little vacation (I wasn't invited ... swear I'm not bitter either!) so I had to take Wyatt in to work with me on Friday. He actually did pretty good and I was able to get in about a half day of work before we had both had enough.

Wyatt and I spent Saturday being lazy while Ben played golf. We did a whole lot of this .... (sorry for the not so great camera phone photo)

All three of us took a little outing to the Braves game on Saturday night. I didn't figure Wyatt would do so well in the heat at the game so we just went to the tailgate, which is the best part anyway so I didn't feel like we missed much! (Ben would not agree with that statement at all but he did get to go to the game and I took Wyatt home)
Isn't Wyatt cute in his Braves gear?Ben teaching Wyatt the tomahawk chop!

I decided that I needed a day to run errands on Sunday without having to lug a heavy baby carrier with me all day, so Ben kept Wyatt while I did just that. I think I was maybe gone for an hour when I got the following email from Ben:

Guess the monkey misses momma. Been crying for an hour non stop. Nothing I do works. Allsome afternoon.

This picture was attached:
We were back to work on Monday and Tuesday and this is pretty much how it went both days:
He did great at the office and was happy to be there as long as I held him. I'm learning how to do A LOT of things one-handed these days!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Random Thursday

Hmmmm .... I've got a mumble jumble of thoughts running through my mind and I'm not sure any of them deserves a full post so this is going to be pretty random!

- I probably shouldn't admit this but I've started back to watching The Hills and I just love it. I know the show is totally meant to capture the teeny-bopper audience but I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one who watches it. However, the series finale just aired this week and I can't help but wonder what these kids will do now that the show is over? These kids don't REALLY work ... they have jobs but I'm pretty sure that is just for TV purposes. So, what now? I figure they'll all have to find some other TV show to star in and do their damdest to stay in the public eye. Who knows, and really who even cares?

- I've also been watching The City. I don't like it quite as much as I do The Hills, but I love Kelly Cutrone and all her antics!

- Mom and I packed away all my maternity clothes a few weeks ago. Although not everything fits just yet it was still great to get my old, and not so limited wardrobe back!! I was starting to get REALLY sick of my maternity clothes ... especially in the end when only about 3 things fit me.

- Darius Rucker may have been cool back in 1996 when he was with Hootie and the Blowfish (or was he even cool then?) but he has several country songs out now and I HATE THEM. Seriously. If I won the lottery I think my first order of business might be to pay him off to quit making music. (How much would I have to win in order to do that?)

- Wyatt has discovered a new sleeping position. Actually his Meme made the discovery that he really likes sleeping on his tummy. He is a great sleeper, but tummy sleeping seems to yield even better naps so I love this! (And of course, we don't let him sleep this way at night .... only during the day and only when we are sitting right next to him - we're not gizzards!)

- I'm back to work now. Part-time until the end of this month, but it is actually good to be back. That being said, I can already see that getting another person ready for the day isn't going to be so easy. I'm sure we'll find our routine but it will just be a little difficult until we get used to it.

- I'm finally sending out Wyatt's birth announcements. Let it be said that I am NOT thrilled with them at all. Buuuuuuutttt ..... long story short it took the lady like 3 weeks to print them and ship to me and they looked awful. I had her re-print them and they are only marginally better than they were the first time. Oh well. Lesson learned. He's almost 2 months old at this point and I just don't have the time/energy to start over and order from somewhere else.

- This was maybe the most boring post in the world. I'm just trying to blog about stuff other than just Wyatt but I just don't seem to have much inspiration or material! Oh wells.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Ben's Birthday / 4th of July Weekend

We started out last weekend with a little mini-celebration of Ben's 32nd birthday. Since actually going out to dinner isn't so easy, we grilled steaks at home on Thursday night and enjoyed a nice, quiet dinner. Wyatt really is a good baby,but we're just not quite ready to take him out to a restaurant yet. Friday morning, we spoiled Ben with all his gifts and he headed off to Charlotte while we headed out to the lake.

Maternity leave has been great for lake traveling purposes -- we met Kimmie and Ellie at Mom and Dad's house and got on the road Friday morning so we actually got to the house before lunch. My cousin came over with her four kids and I'm pretty sure Wyatt really enjoyed watching them run all around!
Since we had a little break from the extreme heat, I put Wyatt in his bathing suit on Saturday and took him down to the dock. He enjoyed hanging out in the boat (in the shade) and even took several long naps there. Late Saturday afternoon, I got dressed and drove down to Chateau Elan to meet Ben at a rehearsal dinner for our friends Ashley and Mike. This was only the 2nd time I've left Wyatt during a feeding time, and once again he did great!

Wyatt also enjoyed playing with Ellie and posing for a few pictures for me and for Meme!

We spent Sunday morning back down on the lake (Wyatt in the shade on the boat again) and I even tried out our newest lake toy! This was the first weekend that I felt comfortable enough to do any exercise after my c-section ... they put the fear of God in you at the hospital not to do anything to bust a stitch so I had been extremely cautious for the last few weeks! Anyway, Dad and I went out on a little kayak ride in our cove which was really fun. I still haven't been brave enough to ride the Sea Doo or the boat just yet but maybe next time!

Wyatt spent more time playing with Ellie and posed for a few more pictures on Sunday as well!

His hat was just a little bit too big, so I couldn't resist taking a wigger baby picture! (Is that word offensive? If so, apologies ... not my intention to offend)

Kimmie, Dave, and I had Ashley and Mike's wedding Sunday night so we left Wyatt and Ellie with Mom and Dad. This picture was taken before we left ... I think they were saying "DON'T LEAVE US WITH THE BABIES!!!!" (Kidding ... they were happy to keep them, but I think next time they may prefer to babysit one child at a time)

The four of us had a blast at the wedding -- this one was very special to Kimmie and I because we actually introduced Mike and Ashley about 3 years ago. How is that for matchmaking success??!!? After the wedding, I drove drunk, drunker, and drunkest (won't say who was who) back to the lake so we could spend the day Monday up there.

We did Ben's family celebration at lunch Monday, where we grilled hamburgers and he opened more gifts and even had an ice cream cake!

After our fun-filled day on the lake, we did take a 4th of July family photo -- the first one of the 3 of us since we were in the hospital, I believe!

And I had to include this one of Ellie because its just so cute.

We had such a fun, long weekend and can't wait for our next trip to the lake!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Weekend with Lolly and Pops

I am just now getting around to blogging about LAST weekend in time for a new weekend! Oh well ... I'm doing the best I can.

This past weekend, Ben and I had a wedding to attend on Saturday night so his parents came down to visit and to keep Wyatt while we were gone. Ben and his dad got up and went golfing early Saturday morning while his mom and I stayed home with Wyatt. As much as I enjoy taking care of Wyatt each day, it is nice to occasionally have someone else here so that I can take a long shower, fix my hair, do proper makeup, etc! His Lolly was more than happy to fill that roll as she kept him entertained all day for me to do things around the house and run a couple errands!
Although this wasn't the first time I had left Wyatt, it was the first time I had left him for a feeding. I DO NOT like to miss feedings for my little guy, but I knew he was in good hands and I left a bottle for his Lolly and Pops to give him once it was time for him to eat. Of course they did a fantastic job taking care of and entertaining and spoiling him! He's changed so much since they last saw him (and it wasn't even that long ago) so Ben and I were glad they were able to spend the weekend with him.

And I'm totally throwing myself under the bus by posting these pictures from the wedding because I'm recycling this dress for a wedding this weekend but that's okay.
We did get the chance to take a rare family picture ... sans kiddos.
My cousin, Laura, had a beautiful wedding at the Tate house. She was a gorgeous bride and everyone had a great time!