Thursday, March 29, 2012

House Updates

We've lived in our house for two years now ... actually it was 2 years as of the 12th.  Its crazy how time flies, and how my once freshly-painted, newly-carpeted, perfect house is now in desperate need of some TLC.  However, that TLC isn't going to happen until Wyatt gets a little older because for now Elmo will still be tossed down the stairs on a daily basis, and he will keep running into walls with his cars and trucks just to hear the sound it makes.   I guess what I'm trying to say is that I realize my house isn't the Taj Mahal, but I still am excited about the little changes we make here and there so I figure I'll share them as they happen.

Our living room has been such an irritant for me for a long time.  This room sat empty for nearly two years.  We have always called it the 'useless' room as it just feels like a waste of space.  But, after two years it was time to just bite the bullet and at least buy furniture for the room so it looks nice when people come in the house.  Mom and I went to my favorite local furniture store and picked everything out in early January and it all came in about 6 weeks later. 



Still a few more touches, I'll probably add over time but for now I LOVE it!!

Monday, March 19, 2012

St. Paddy's Weekend

Is it St. Patty's or St. Paddy's?  I'm not sure but either way we had a busy and eventful weekend.

Friday afternoon was so nice and hot so we came home and changed clothes.  Surprisingly, I had to bribe Wyatt to go outside.  It went something like this:

(Me):  "Wyatt -- you want to go play outside?"

(Wyatt): Stares at me.  Continues playing with his pacis.

(Me):  "Come on outside, we can go find some rocks!"

(Wyatt):  "ROCKS??!!!"  He puts his pacis back int he drawer and slides downstairs.

He looked so cute in his green monogrammed shirt that I decided to take a few photographs.  Here is the honey badger in action ....

Somehow, I was lucky enough that Wyatt slept until 8:15 on Saturday which was awesome since I had a loooooong list of chores to accomplish.  Not long after we ate breakfast and got Wyatt dressed, my Dad came to the house to pick Wyatt up.  He went to visit Meme and Papa for the day (and night) because we were hosting our neighborhood dinner club.

I spent the morning preparing my flower arrangement.  This was a Pinterest inspiration -- I'll tweak a few things about this next time but generally I was pleased with how it turned out!

After the arrangement was complete, I spent the rest of the morning preparing twice baked potatoes (so labor intensive, but so delicious), chocolate mousse, and key lime tarts.

While we were working, Wyatt was keeping his Meme and Papa busy!

Then we taste-tested apple martinis.  Despite the fact that Modern Family says Apple-tinis are cliche, we figured we needed to serve something green.  (And really, green beer is the epitome of cliche so whatev.)
Oh, and I also perfected the art of the lemon twist.  Check this out!!!!

Then, we set up the table and got all the last minute details prepared.

Finally, Ben did the rub and cooked the tenderloins shortly before people were due to arrive.

I did not take a single picture during the evening, but it was a fun (and late) one.  Sunday we spent the day cleaning up, and getting ready for the new week!  Whew!  What a weekend.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The Good Dockta's Wedding Weekend!

We just spent the weekend at the most fantastic in-town destination wedding.  The bride happens to be one of my best friends from college, so I've known her for the last 14-ish years.  I'm not sure how that is even possible considering I'm only 22, but I digress.  I will say that the Dockta is one of my more fashionable friends, so every. little. detail. of this weekend was well thought-out, planned, and of course fashionable! 

Anyways, the weekend started out on Thursday evening.  We checked into the Georgian Terrace downtown and walked about a half block to the rehearsal dinner at Baronda.  It was an amazing meal, and there were many beautiful toasts to Tracey and Brian.

Me, Tracey, and Erin (with bebe)
I did notice that someone couldn't control their risoto, but I'm not into naming names ....

Ben had to work on Friday, but I on the other hand was a Lady of Leisure.  I think I slept in until about 8:30 which was amazing in and of itself.  Then I ate breakfast in bed while watching Kelly Ripa, and then eventually got started getting dressed for the day.

I did have a bit of a Marilyn Monroe moment with my dress blowing up outside the GT hotel on the way to lunch, but other than that it was a wonderful day.  Tracey and her mother hosted a luncheon at Mary Mac's Tea Room -- which was oh so southern and went along perfectly with the theme of her weekend!  (Oh and also, the food? Its faaaaaabuuulous)  I regrettably don't have any pictures from the luncheon as there was one main camera (everyone knows the rule, right?  defer to the nicest camera!)  and I didn't want to be that annoying person pulling out my own camera and saying "oh wait ... smile once again, ladies".

After the luncheon, we headed over to the church for the rehearsal.  It was quick and easy, and then we all headed back to the hotel for a little break before the Welcome Party.  I chose to take a nap with my time.  It was glorious.

Friday night, the Welcome Party, hosted by Tracey's parents, was at Livingston Restaurant and Bar right in the Georgian Terrace.  Another perfect evening, accompanied with good food and wine!

Saturday started somewhat early, but was such an enjoyable day all-around.  The bridesmaids all got to spend the day with T in the bridal suite getting our hair and makeup done, which was so relaxing and fun. After we were ready, we had pictures all around the Georgian Terrace which are going to probably turn out amazing.  She had the most awesome photographer.

We zipped over to the church just a little bit before people were due to arrive, which was great because we didn't have so much time to sit around and wait.  Here are a few pictures from right before the ceremony!

Most of the pictures were completed prior to the ceremony, so we all got to head right back over to the Georgian Terrace for the cocktail hour followed by the reception.

Do you see what I mean about every single detail being perfectly planned out?  This was a glimpse of the table setting.

I also found someone eating his salad!  When I inquired what was wrong with him he responded "I couldn't not eat that bacon!"

After dinner, the reception turned into quite the party, complete with T + B sunglasses! (Such a fun touch).  There is a rumor floating around out there that her band was Squirrel Nut Zipper, but I stand corrected .... they COVERED a SNZ song, they aren't SNZ.  Regardless, they are awesome and here are some pictures to prove just how much fun everyone had.

Me + Mom

love this picture taken by the famous Melody-razzi

Me, Tracey, Ben

T + B (and do you notice her adorable reception dress??!! So fun)

Such a fun weekend, Tracey and Brian!  Congratulations!!

Monday, March 5, 2012

Practice Makes Perfect!

Wyatt was still so young last Easter and not walking yet, so the Easter Egg Hunt went a lot like this ....
We posed him to get a few pictures and put a couple eggs in his basket, but mostly he was too young to understand what was going on and certainly too young to eat any of the candy that was inside the eggs.

Well, this year is different.  He loves to run around, he loves to be outside, he loves to gather things and put them inside baskets so theoretically the egg hunt this year should be a hit, right?  Well that isn't exactly how Wyatt operates.  He doesn't necessarily do something just because all the other kids are doing it (for example - you take him to the park and he picks up leaves while every other child is playing on the swingset).  He dances to his own drum, so to speak, so I figured that if I wanted this year's Easter Egg Hunt to be a success, I needed to teach him what to do.

Publix had all their Easter stuff out yesterday when I went to get groceries, so I bought a pack of plastic eggs and figured we'd use them for practice.  I came home, filled them, and scattered them around the living room while he was napping. I envisioned doing this outside, but it was too windy and cold yesterday so I settled for the living room. 

After he woke up and ate a little snack I explained to him that I had hidden easter eggs and he needed to get his basket and go find them.  He actually seemed to understand me as he went right in and found one and placed it in his basket. 

Somewhere between the first and second egg he found, he discovered that they were filled.  With goldfish!  After this discovery, he would find an egg, open it, eat what was inside, and then move on to the next.

The ones with M&M's made him especially happy! 

All in all, I consider this a success.  Now we've got to work on not stopping to eat in between each egg.

 Oh, and after all the eggs were found and all snacks consumed, he loaded them up in his bulldozer so they could be hauled off!  (He is ALL boy)