Thursday, January 20, 2011

Almost Crawling!

This pushing up on hands and knees just started yesterday ... he gets frustrated really quickly but I think we are about to have a crawler on our hands! 

Know what that means?  Project time for daddy!!!  He will be installing baby gates VERY soon!

Isn't this an awesome picture?  I heart Instagram!!!!  It makes crappy pictures look totally artistic and cool!

Monday, January 17, 2011

More Snow!

I guess it isn't exactly new news that Atlanta got hit with a major snowstorm last week. At any rate, I wanted to share some pictures we took from the snow!

I had awoken in the middle of the night on Sunday and looked out the window to see our streets and yard covered in snow so all night long I tossed and turned anxiously waiting to go out and get a picture of our snow-covered house and yard. We were at the lake during the last snow and I was sad not to have taken a snow picture of our house.

Soooooo, like a child on Christmas morning I bounced out of bed, put on my new Wellies and Ben's coat (only because his was conveniently left out ... mine was in the closet, where it lives :), grabbed the camera and went outside to get this picture! It was still dark outside ... ha! I wanted to make sure I was able to get an un-disturbed snow picture.

Then I went back inside, enjoyed my alone time and about 3 gallons of coffee. I think about 20 minutes later I decided I was over all the snow and being trapped inside our house!

Eventually Ben and Wyatt got up and we hung out inside for most of the morning. Eventually we ventured out to the snow and ice. This was about the time we realized we were most likely not going to be snowed in just for the day ...
Our street was a ghost town! We live in a neighborhood with lots of kids, so I figured there would be tons of folks out but that wasn't the case. We walked around and looked at all the snow-covered houses anyway!
I can't even explain to you how excited I was to have my new snow boots!!!! Love these things!
Snow froggie
Everyone knows I love feet pictures. When we were in Hawaii a few years ago, Ben and I took a picture of our footprints in the sand on the beach in Honolua Bay -- its still one of my favorites of all time. So we tried to re-create that in the snow, this time with Wyatt's footprints added. It didn't really work out like we had envisioned, but we worked on this thing for 30 minutes so I'm posting it!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

7 Months

Once again, I am behind! Wyatt was 7 months old on December 24 so I guess at this point he's really closer to 7.5 months but oh well!

Due to Christmas and traveling, we were not able to capture his pictures until this past weekend. Meme and Papa did them while Ben and I were in Jekyll Island and they did a fabulous job! Each month, I just like Wyatt's pictures more and more. And it gets more difficult to choose my favorites!

I'm going to just do a quick list of all the latest news. I'll attempt to not bore my tens of readers by being overly wordy this year!

Accomplishments: sitting up unassisted, "rolling mobility" (i.e. no crawling but he can travel by rolling), talking/babbling ALL. THE. TIME., holding his own bottle, picking up food and putting it in his mouth!!!
Words: hey, mama, dada (although "hey" is the only word he uses in context)
Stats: I would guess 20 lbs., size 3 diaper (will be 4 once I use all the 3's we have), size 3 shoe, 9 months clothes or 6-12 months depending on the brand

Likes: yogurt melts, sitting up, psycho-monkey toy, bathtime, his feet, his piano toy, his room, most of his solid foods, milk, the jumparoo. I could keep listing but those are probably his most-favorite things at this moment

Dislikes: getting into his carseat, getting dressed, green beans and green peas

Monday, January 3, 2011

New Year's Weekend

This past weekend we went down to Jekyll Island, Georgia to celebrate my best friend, Carrie's, wedding!

This was the first time I've left Wyatt. Mom and Dad kept him over the weekend, so I was confident that he was in good hands but it was a little stressful leaving him. For a number of reasons, but one big stressor was the amount of milk I calculated that he would need for the weekend.

Wyatt takes a bottle or nurses 5 times each day. 7 ounces each time.

According to our plans, we were going to be gone for a minimum of 13 feedings. Or, to put it into ounces for you that is 91 ounces of milk!

NINETY-ONE ounces!


Omg. I'm still having heart palpitations.

Well, I did have a freezer chock- full of milk that I had been saving up for this very occasion. But it still completely stressed me out.

Was that TMI? I'm sure it was .... Let's move right along then, shall we?

The weekend started out with a lovely bridesmaid's luncheon at the Jekyll Island Club. We were so lucky to have a pretty weekend and warm weather!
After the luncheon, the guys all finished up playing golf and we got ready for the rehearsal followed by the rehearsal dinner. We started off the evening with a nice cocktail reception and it was followed by a 4-course wine dinner. Burke's father has a wine distributorship and is very knowledgeable about wine. There was a different type paired with each course and it really was interesting to see how the different wines paired with the food.

After/during dinner, there were several toasts given to Burke and Carrie. Here is a picture of them during one of the toasts -- I think it was Megan's which explains the laughter!

We then went to a different ballroom at the Jekyll Island Club for a New Year's Eve party. After a 4-course dinner and lots and lots of wine, its a miracle any of us made it to midnight! But we did and fun was had by all (as evidenced by the photos!)

New Year's Day started off early for all the golfers, but for all the ladies' it meant that we got to sleep in and relax a bit! (Well, I think Carrie probably didn't get to do much relaxing between hair and makeup appointments, etc)

Isn't Carrie a beautiful bride?

After the ceremony, some of the Marines did a sword arch as Carrie and Burke were leaving the church. Here they are walking out of the church and about to go through the arch!

When they get to the end of the arch, one of the Marines drops his sword and will not let them pass until they kiss. Then once they do, he raises his sword and lets them through. As the bride walks away, they slap her on the bottom with one of the swords! (And it isn't a light little pat, either!). I realize this is a tradition, but I've never seen it before so it was really neat to see!

Shortly after the ceremony, the reception started and Carrie and Burke were introduced. Due to where I was sitting, I just couldn't get a good picture of the 2 of them, but here is the glowing bride!

I will leave you with a few (or a lot, depending on your definition of 'few') pictures from the reception!