Monday, August 30, 2010

What Not to Wear: Wyatt Edition

Monday was picture day at Wyatt's school and they suggested that parents dress their children in bright, solid colors. I usually lay out Wyatt's clothes the night before to make it easy and quick for Ben to get him dressed in the mornings before he takes him to school. Sunday night was no different -- I laid out a cute little orange t-shirt outfit that I thought would be good for pictures.

This is what he wore(Excuse the crappy picture - Wyatt was tired and fussy when I was trying to photo-document this)

Cute, right? I figured its a perfect casual outfit for him to be comfortable in all day and will still look fine for a picture.

Now have a look at the FULL picture .... this is how I found him when I arrived to pick him up!
I died laughing when I saw him in these pumpkin socks! In Ben's defense, I did have the socks laying out near his outfit -- Mom had bought them for Wyatt over the weekend and I intended to take them out of the package and throw them in his clothes hamper to be washed (so they'll be ready for wear in OCTOBER) and I guess Ben just assumed that orange socks went with an orange shirt and were laying out for Wyatt to wear them that day!

We may not do in Christmas in July, but we are all about Halloween in August!!!!!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Go Wyatt ... Its Yo' Burfday

Well, your 3 month birthday anyway! (yesterday .... I'm a little delayed in getting this post up)

Happy 3 months, big boy!!!!Wyatt continues to be a big, happy, and healthy baby. He has consistently slept through the night since the first night we tried it and love, love, LOVES his sleep! If you wake him when he isn't ready to wake up, he will fuss. And truly the only times you hear him cry are when he is awoken or when he is tired and wants to go to sleep. He has started to roll from his tummy to his back (although his Meme says it "doesn't count" until he does it every time) and can roll from his back onto his side. Its going to take a while to get that back to tummy roll figured out though!
Wyatt has discovered his voice, although I'm not really sure he knows how to control it 100% of the time. Sometimes when we are talking to him he will move his lips but no sound comes out so he's trying to put it all together! He does seem to 'talk' more to inanimate objects than he does to people.
He has also started smiling a lot more often now. My favorite is when he first wakes up in the morning and he just flashes that smile at me as I'm getting him out of his crib! Its fantastic. And a fail-proof way to get him to smile is to make a fart noise - he just thinks that is hilarious. He also loves to hear people sing to him and doesn't even complain if you have a bad voice or don't know the words!
He is great in the car and rarely fusses -- usually only if we come to a stop. We just this past weekend made his maiden voyage to TN and he really did great. Of course we managed to turn a 3.5 hour trip into a 6 hour trip, but Wyatt did really well.
I'm doing his likes and dislikes because my sister will get onto me if I don't but really they're pretty much the same from month to month ...
- his activity mat
- sleeping
- fart noises (the child laughs every. single. time)
- mirrors (mostly on his play mat)- people singing to him
- milk!!!
- chewing his fingers/hand

- his multivitamin (but he hasn't figured out that he can just refuse to open his mouth!)
- tummy time

Monday, August 23, 2010

Rocky Top ....

This past weekend we went to visit Ben's family up in Tennessee. We headed up there on Friday afternoon and were joined by Ben's aunts and uncles on Saturday for a shower (for Wyatt) and to visit with us. One thing Ben and I have quickly discovered is that you become chopped liver to your family once you have a baby! (Which is honestly 100% okay with us -- we are happy that so many people love Wyatt so much).

This was actually taken on Thursday afternoon -- I'm still working on these bee hat pictures!!!! Determined to get it right. This one is cute (I think) but not really what I'm trying to capture.

We had some special visitors on Friday afternoon -- Celby, Kate, Clara, and Michael all came to Lolly's house to meet Wyatt!

Lolly showed Clara and Wyatt how to play piano on her new baby grand!

Me and Wyatt after we got all dressed for the shower. Hard to get him to look at the camera ... and forget timing the smile correctly!

Ben, Wyatt, and Lolly before we left for the shower. Again, tough to get W to look at the camera and smile at the same time. (Although this is a concept we expect him to master pretty soon)

Wyatt with his Uncle Al & Aunt Susan

Wyatt and Lolly before we left on Sunday

Wyatt and Pops

Before we left town on Sunday we stopped by to visit one of Ben's oldest friends, Russ, and his parents. (Anyone else notice a trend here with Wyatt shoving his hands in his mouth??)

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

A Picture is Worth 1000 Words

Another typical lake weekend for the Longmire family (and also the Heglin family and the Burkett family!) Ben says my blog is boring when I write the same old stuff about the lake, so I'll just re-cap quickly via pictures. This past weekend we .......

celebrated Kimmie's birthday! worked hard to capture a smile on cameratested Wyatt out in his new bumpo
went on a few rides in the kayak caught some fish
took a few naps
visited with our cousins
swam in the lake
went for a few boat rides
caught some rays'

and we even water-skied!!! (me, mom, and kimmie all got up and skied for quite a while)

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Publix Curbside ?!?

So, shopping with a baby is NOT easy. I've had to take Wyatt to the grocery store with me on a few occasions and not once has it gone smoothly. I either forget half my groceries or can't fit them all in the cart and have to cut my list short to fit it all in the cart. (I guess the bright side is that it does prevent me from picking up unnecessary items). And there is always the parking issue. (i.e. you have to park next to a cart stall) The last straw for me and Wyatt's grocery shopping together was a few weeks ago after I accidentally stole milk from Publix.

TOTAL accident and I felt horrible about it. I had his carrier in the grocery cart and my groceries all around it. The milk was tucked in a corner and I simply didn't see it when I unloaded everything onto the conveyor belt. I paid for everything, re-loaded it into the cart, and wheeled out to my car. After I had put all the groceries into my car and was about to grab Wyatt's carrier is when I noticed the carton of milk (not even a quart -- those SMALL containers) sitting in the cart. Now, I realize that the right thing to do was to run back in and pay for it. I also realize that this is totally an excuse BUT it was damn near 100 degrees, the sun is shining in my baby's sensitive eyes, my car was already loaded, my car was parked in the back of the parking lot (not many cart-stalls and I have to park near one so I don't have to lug a 14 pound baby inside a 10 pound carrier through the parking lot) so I wasn't about to go back inside, stand in line and pay for $1.89 carton of milk. Sorry, Publix.
I tell you all this basically to make the point that I think the new Publix Curbside service is a genius idea. I can't say for sure, but I would go out on a limb to say this idea was the brainchild of a woman with children. When I heard they were test-marketing this at a store in Atlanta I was beyond thrilled. Unforch, the store they are testing out is nowhere close to my house so I guess I'll just have to struggle a while longer until they roll it out in my local store.
Aaaaaannnd, here is a picture of Wyatt celebrating Shark Week last Wednesday! (Thanks Erin and Mary Beth for the cute onesie!) He wasn't too celebratory because this was after he had been to the doctor and had his 2-month shots. Poor baby!

Monday, August 2, 2010

Special Visitors!

Once again, I'm like a week behind.

Not this past weekend, but the one prior started out early with a birthday party for Wyatt's friend Hollis. Wyatt loves his daily outings and this one happened to be at the park so he got to spend some time outside and being carried around/spoiled by all of our friends. After the birthday party, his Aunt Susan and Uncle Al came into town (from Knoxville) to visit him! They spent the day playing with him and spoiling him and posing for lots of pictures. This is just one of many that we took over the weekend.
As usual, we had a great time visiting with Al and Susan and were glad they got to spend some time with our sweet boy. I know Wyatt loves having visitors as well and he really just continues to adapt to pretty much anything we need him to! The next day, some of Al and Susan's friends came over to visit him as well! This child DOES NOT lack for attention. (And we are so glad for that).

Then, on Tuesday night, Wyatt got yet another special visitor! His Lolly came down from Murfreesboro to keep him for a few days while I returned to work. I wanted to ease back into working and wait as long as possible before starting to send Wyatt to daycare so this was a great help to us. I feel about a million times better knowing that a family member is caring for W when we are away at work and other than just generally wondering what he is up to, my mind is completely at ease that he is getting plenty of attention. The bonus here was that even when I did get home from work, Ben's mom would watch Wyatt and let me take a nap, or read or whatever. She also made dinner for us so I didn't have to worry about that! So, pretty much it was a vacation for me ..... haha!

I didn't manage to get a picture of Lolly and Wyatt while she was here, but I'm putting one up from a few weeks ago so that her visit is represented!On Friday morning, Wyatt and I loaded up and came into the office for just a few hours before heading up to the lake for the weekend. Ben was out of town with a bunch of friends for the weekend so Wyatt and I went to the lake with my parents for the weekend. It was relaxing and so much fun -- even if the sun wasn't out a whole lot! At least that meant W got to spend some time on the dock. His Poppa even taught him all about fishing!
Today, its back to work (full time) for me and daycare for Wyatt. Or DayNeglect, as I like to call it .... sad :(