Friday, April 19, 2013

Day at Stone Mountain

Mom always comes down to keep Wyatt once a week.  Typically she'll pick him up from school in the morning and they'll go run errands (of Wyatt's choosing), have lunch, and she'll hang out all afternoon until I get home.  We typically all go to dinner that night too so its a little break for me as well :) 

Anyway, Mom had been wanting to take him over to Stone Mountain to ride the train so that was their big 'event' a few weeks ago! 

He played golf while he was waiting for the train to open up.  He LOVED playing golf and was so proud of himself! 

Then they went on a train ride. 

Wyatt even got to take a picture with the engineer!

After the train ride, they watched a baby animals show.  This was right up Wyatt's alley of course -- he still talks about the baby alligator and kangaroos that he saw!

Thanks for taking him on such a fun adventure, Meme!

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Ahhhh, Spring!

I used to say Summer was my favorite season.  And it probably still is.  But so is Fall.  And also Spring.  Really, I guess that just means winter is the black sheep.  But currently it is Spring, so its my favorite season! 

Well, for one thing I busted out my white jeans on Easter Sunday (post coming later on that whole weekend ... maybe).  So that was awesome.  I will wear these clowns every.single.week.  Promise!
And Wyatt got to wear his seersucker and light pink shirt!  Real men/boys wear pink! 

As exciting as these things are, I am LOVING all the flowers coming up everywhere.  Even Wyatt points out all the daffodils as we drive around town.

First the azaleas started to bloom.  These are hands-down, Ben's favorite part of our lawn. 

Then my hycainths made their debut, are they not amazing?  I'm going to plant 3 billion of them next year.

A few weeks later, my daffodils were blooming. 

I have some tulips that are just starting to bloom. 

My bearded Iris is has just popped open.  I planted 5 this fall and I was so excited that one of them actually flowered this year.  My understanding is that they can take a year to settle.  Since the Iris is the Tennessee state flower, I call this my Jardin de Ben


I got to make a voyage to an amazing little nursery.  Between my friend Laura and I we, filled the car to the brim!

I finally got my perennial garden started.  (Don't judge it at this stage.  I actually planted more in the back there last night and I'm churching up the mulch tonight). 

My planters are starting to shape up.  Wyatt took great pride in helping out with this task. 

Maters' are planted, thanks in part to Wyatt's help. 

Herb garden is planted, another project Wyatt helped me with.  He is thrilled that he will also get to help me water this several times a week. 

So really.  Spring ... what is not to love?  Pollen, I suppose but that is the only negative thing I can think of. 

Tuesday, April 16, 2013


We had a wonderful Easter weekend!  I realize that was about 3 weeks ago, but I'm just now getting around to posting photos. 

We started out our weekend at the lake on Friday night.  Wyatt and Ellie actually went up earlier in the day and the weather was beautiful so they enjoyed playing outside and riding all their toys all afternoon.

After breakfast on Saturday morning, the kids got dressed and we all went outside to play.  All three of them loved just digging in the dirt. 

Of course we pulled out the kubota and 4-wheeler and gator, etc and all three kids took turns riding and driving all the equipment.

Wyatt was SO EXCITED about going fishing while we were at the lake.  He talked about it all week and about all the different colored fish he was going to catch.


After a very brief nap, we all headed to Wurth's birthday party.  Check out cool breeze with his sunglasses on.  His future is so bright .....

After the party and dinner we got the kids bathed and ready for bed.  Try as we might, we just couldn't get all 3 to cooperate for a picture in their cute pj's :(

The Easter Bunny did come to visit all thre kids!

Wyatt was particurlarly excited about the (few) pieces of candy that the ole' Bunny brought to him! 

Eventually we got all the kids dressed (same clothes they wore to the b-day party ... shhh  don't tell anyone) and had a mini Easter Egg hunt. 

Mom was very clever and put non-edible prizes in the eggs and the kids had so much fun!

We tried and tried and tried to get the 3 kids picture with Meme and Papa, but it didn't work so well.  Notice that Wyatt is the ONLY ONE cooperating????

Before lunch, we went down to the dock to throw rocks and check all the fishing poles.  Lo and behold, Wyatt had caught a fish!!!!  (This pole had been in the water for 24 hours with the same worm on it.  True story)

Ben helped him reel it in!

Wyatt was thrilled!

First fish!

We all sat down for easter lunch and even enjoyed some pretty cupcakes afterward! 

We got the kids dressed up fancy before taking them to the farm egg hunt. 

Wyatt looked so sweet!
Then we headed to the farm for the egg hunt over there.  I love this picture of Grand Meme with all 7 great-grandchildren. 
The egg hunt began.  Wyat and Wurth were so sweet walking together.  Wurth was born about 6 weeks before Wyatt was. 
I'm not sure exactly how many 'hunters' there were.  Maybe 20?  But there were over 400 eggs hidden so needles to say each child had PLENTY. 

It was a Happy Easter for all.  We're still on a sugar high at our house!