Monday, June 29, 2009

Busy Summer!

Why is it that January and February, and even March for that matter just seem to drag on and on forever, but then when Summer comes the time flies? I guess it is mainly because I'm always busy in the summertime and hardly ever home. This past week or so has been no exception!

Over Father's Day weekend, I headed down to Perdido Key with my parents, my sister, Dave, and Ellie. They were there for the whole week and it was Ellie's first "real" trip to the beach, so I decided to go down to be with them for a few days.

Mom, Dad, and I arrived down there on Saturday afternoon where we got checked into the condo and I immediately went out on the balcony and started taking feet pictures. What is my obsession with feet pictures? Not sure. I just like them despite the fact that I generally think feet are gross.

We did go to the beach for a short time on Saturday and got settled in before Ellie and her entourage arrived. We were all exhausted that night, so we just went to bed early and got up for a full day in the sun! Kimmie brought Ellie down to the beach for a little while on Sunday afternoon, but it was really too hot for her to be out there long. (Even when she was in the shade of her baby prison!) We took Ellie out to the edge of the water for a little while, and she wasn't quite sure what to think of it! I think she was definitely interested in the waves/water/sand, but at the same time I think the waves scared her a little bit.

"Mommy ... I don't know what to think of this thing you call an ocean!"

Ellie in the baby prison

After a couple days of the heat, Kimmie and I were bored just sitting around so we kinda reverted back to the days when we were kids and used to collect shells, catch sand crabs, and build castles. My castle doesn't look too awesome but it really took me like an hour to build so don't make fun of it!!! It has cobblestone streets and everything!

I flew back home about lunchtime on Tuesday, and Ben picked me up from the airport. After a quick lunch together (so fun! we never get to have lunch together on workdays) I headed into my office and Ben back to his. I spent the next two days unpacking and re-packing for our trip this past weekend.

Ben's father turned 60 this year and so we all decided that we should head down to TPC Sawgrass to celebrate his milestone birthday. (He's an avid golfer as are both of his sons). Ben and I packed up the car on Friday and left a little before lunchtime to head down to meet his family at the World Golf Hall of Fame. We toured that until closing time and then headed back up to Ponte Vedra Beach where we were staying. After a nice dinner on the beach Friday night, we headed back to the hotel and just spent time visiting with Ben's parents and brother.

Matt, Ben, and Jim in between trophy replicas at the WGHOF. The lighting in there was terrible so this picture isn't the greatest, but you get the idea.

We all got up Saturday morning and headed over to the AMAZING clubhouse at TPC. If you ever have the chance to see this place, you really should take the opportunity! (And this is coming from someone who knows very little about golf) The clubhouse is beautiful in and of itself, not to mention the grounds there. Perfectly manicured and really something that you could probably stare at for days (this is the first time in our relationship that I actually wished I were riding in the golf cart with Ben as he played). We had lunch there, and the food was excellent! After that, the boys all played the Stadium course and fortunatley they all had a great round and more importantly, a good time together. We celebrated that night with another amazing meal (Ruth's Chris ... yum!) and then I went to have a drink with Mary Beth before calling it a night.

Ben's mother and I both laid by the pool on Sunday morning while the boys headed over to play the Valley course. They were hot and exhausted when they returned so we all went to lunch before making the long drive home.

Ben on the Valley Course

That is about all I've got for today. Check Ben's blog for a more detailed version of the weekend -- he's better at that than I.

I do have more posts coming this week though ... I promise. So check back in!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Cajun Spicy Shrimp

I really meant to post this last week, but sometimes a whoooole buncha blog ideas hit me all at once. Soooo this got a little delayed, sorry Ben!
I usually cook dinner for Ben and I each night that we eat at home. Its really something that I enjoy doing and kindof an escape for me at the end of a long day. So anyways. The other night Ben came home and asked what we were having for dinner. I told him we were going to have grilled shrimp and corn on the cobb. (I'm not a fancy cook) He was fine with that, but once he realized that I didn't have a new and exciting recipe for the shrimp he wanted to whomp something up.

I was totally fine with that. I figured I could just take a little break from cooking that night and he could make whatever he wanted to. I think he had an idea of how he wanted the shrimp to be cooked and spent about 30 minutes looking through recipes online. He carefully read and analyzed them and went through the ingredient lists to make sure we had everything. Finally he found one that he was happy with and went into the kitchen to get it ready. It was hilarious watching him measure out the spices exxxactly with measuring spoons but he really did a good job. It was sorta a cajun recipe that utilized lots of cayenne and crushed red pepper with garlic and a bunch of herbs with a butter and Worcestershire base. (We didn't think to take a picture until after we were finished eating, but there were some leftovers in the pan so here is that picture)

So, this brings me to a point of contention that I have with Ben. I cook pretty much every (week) night. Usually the stuff that I make turns out pretty good, but I have had more disasters than I can count on two hands. And Ben? He doesn't cook much at all. Maybe, MAYBE once a month. But usually when he does, he finds a random recipe and executes it perfectly. Why is this? I'm a more experienced cook, yet he one-ups me anytime he cooks. Its BS.

Maybe he needs to be charged with making dinner every night?

Also, I should point out that not only did he cook, but he also cleaned up the whole kitchen by himself! Without complaint. 10 points for him.

Monday, June 22, 2009


Quick note before I delve into yet another deep, thought-provoking post of mine: I got the idea for this post from a blog that I read regularly. 2 birds 1 blog. I won't link it because my mom reads this blog and that blog is crude at times, still its hilarious. (Google it if you're interested) There is no way I am capable of being as witty or funny as she is, but I'm am borrowing her idea ... not her writing. I know there's mucho sensitivity in blog-land about stealing material.

I am the all-time queen of holding a grudge. Just ask my husband. Not that I'm implying that I am holding a grudge against him, just that he has to listen to my bi-weekly grudge report so he's well acquainted with this particular personality trait of mine! Some say its unhealthy to hold a grudge, I say its just my own little way of protecting myself from people doing me wrong!

To my family and friends reading this -- don't worry. I more than likely am not holding a grudge against you (but even if I do, you won't read about it here on this blog). I usually only hold grudges against people that I:

a) don't like
b) don't know
c) don't know and don't like

With people I'm close to, I may get mad at them and usually they'll know about it so there is really no need to hold a grudge. Does that make sense?

As for people I don't know, etc, basically one wrong move and I'll hold a grudge forever. And these grudges of mine have a mind of their own. Sometimes, someone can do something and I'll begrudge them for it. Five minutes later a completely different person can do the exact same thing and I'll brush it off. I think it probably all boils down to whether or not I like the offender.

Just so you'll understand where I'm coming from, I think you should all be privy to my most current grudge-report!

1) JACKASS - This is our neighbor at the lake (I've mentioned this in a prior post). His name is actually Jack, but ever since The Incident he is officially JackAss. Let me give you some background on him before I tell you all about The Incident. He's one of those, hmm ... for lack of a better word, he's a yankee. He's got a brusque personality. Just basically someone I would never get along with. He is constantly making comments that he finds funny, but in actuality they are condescending. I can't think of an example right now, but just trust me on that. You all know the type. So anyways, The Incident:

It is Memorial Day weekend and my cousins are over at the lake for the day. JackAss and clan are out on their dock next door to ours. We're all out there having a good time when Liam, Gavin, and Caris (my cousins) all decide they want to go ride on the jet ski. Whenever they want to ride, I'm usually the one to take them out for whatever reason. First, I take the 6 year old (Liam) out for a ride. We come back and I pick up the 4 year old (Gavin), who at the time has a cast on his arm that he absolutley cannot get wet. (Read: cast that must not get wet ... therefore I can't possibly drive fast or do any 'tricks' with him on it) Then I come back and get the 2 year old, Caris. Caris has never been on the jet ski before, and she's TWO so as you can imagine I'm not exactly out there hot-rodding on my jet ski. So we finish our ride and I head back to the dock and park. When I hear this:


My response? "Sorry" But in actuality I was thinking:

a) kiss my ass
b) i'm driving CHILDREN, i'm not going too fast
c) this is a LAKE. people operate boats and personal watercraft. they make WAKES.
d) you are an asshole
e) you really just shouldn't have said anything to me. you'll regret this.
f) don't you dare call me HONEY.

I ignored him the remainder of the weekend. Flat out would not look at him if he spoke to me. I intend for the "sorry" that I muttered to him to be my last word to him. Ever. Unless he cures cancer, then maybe I'd say "thanks".

2) OLDBILL - This is a dude that calls our office from time to time. He is one of our vendors, and is always a jerk. Just one of those people, you know? Always saying something snarky, and just generally not a nice dude. Somehow when he calls, I always get stuck talking to him. This is the type of guy that responds to normal comments and pleasantries in the contrary. You know? Like he has a sarcastic comment for whatever you say. Evidently he missed the day in smartass school where they taught you to properly utilize sarcasm. I heard he took Asshole 102 that day instead. Anyway, I've never really held a grudge against him (just didn't care for him) until The Conversation that recently transpired:

Phone rings, I answer. (I work in a small office, if its ringing someone answers it... we don't have a fancy-shmancy receptionist).

OldBill: "Hey, this is Bill [last name] at [company]. I'm having some trouble sending Ronnie an email. The address I have is"

Me: "Well, I believe its actually"

OldBill (in snarky tone): "You believe? Well, what is it. I'm really going to need the exact address. Mwuahahahaha!"

Me (in snarkier tone): "What I just told you. That is the email address"

So, while I was sorta nice about it, I definitely let him know that he'd smarted off to me unnecessarily. Yes, I said "I believe". But for crying out loud. Semantics, jackass! If I didn't KNOW for sure, I would have said "hold on let me find out" and then told him.

Assholery noted, and now you are forever on my Grudge list, OldBill.

/Grudge Report

Okay. That even wore me out. I'm sorry you won't get the rest of the Grudge Report today, but somehow I think you'll survive without it. Ben, don't worry honey, you'll hear the rest of it later I'm sure!!!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Out or In?

So, at this point in my life I'm pushing 30. And part of getting older means you slowly become less and less fashionable. I'm not really quite sure why this happens. I guess its partially the fact that we're now too busy (reading blogs, in my case) to read all the fashion magazines that we did in college. And instead of watching fun shows on TV that portray the latest fashions, we watch the news and Stuff That Matters. And also probably because instead of going out to Express (yes, I shopped there in college) and blowing all of my money, I tend to be more "responsible" about money these days!

Anyway, the point is that we have a new segment here at Longmired in Life. I'm not really sure how frequent this will be, but I think this is a fun thing to do once in a while. (In other programming news, I have a stack of clothes to take to Goodwill so that means another What Not To Wear post will be coming soon) I have to thank Becky for this idea, as these are all pictures she submitted to me.

So here is the deal. I will post pictures of items found in my closet (or in this case, in Becky's closet since she submitted the pictures) and you need to comment and tell me if the items are in or out. Easy enough, right? Well, we have a few rules

1) don't be a lurker ... comment with your opinions!
2) be honest ... if I am not open to criticism on something, I wouldn't post it on my blog for the world to read
3) i can't really think of any more rules

Item 1 - The shrug. This is short sleeved and hits at the bottom of your rib cage. You could wear this over a tank or a dress.

Item 2 - The white Blazer. I know this one is satin, but really I'm asking about a white cotton blazer. I know Katy Perry is wearing it in this picture, but I don't think anyone should really take style tips from her. So... in or out?

Item 3 - The white prairie skirt. This is such an easy, comfortable go-to for summer. But is it still cool?

Item 4 - Stacked slip on sandals. maybe not quiiite this high, but you get the idea.

Okay, so thanks in advance, readers. Thanks for answering my deep, philosophical questions today!

Monday, June 15, 2009

PETA Wouldn't Approve!

I was at my parent's house on Saturday afternoon getting ready to go to a bbq at my aunt and uncle's house. I still have a jewelry box at their house full of things I had when I was a child. Mostly its stuff I don't wear or wouldn't wear but still wanted to keep, so I just never really bothered to move it to my house. I like to go through this stuff from time to time because my tastes change and occasionally I'll find something I feel like putting into the jewelry rotation for a while!

I found this small, ivory elephant charm that I had bought in Hawaii a LOOOONG time ago. I think it is so pretty, so I decided to wear it. I didn't have a gold chain to put it on (sold all my gold at Ca$h 4 Gold .... kidding) so I went to ask my mom for one. This sent her digging into her jewelry box and she found 3 more ivory elephant charms but hers were a little larger than mine. Two of them had never been worn, and she figured they were something she'd bought in Hawaii with the intention of gifting them to someone so she just gave one of them to me! I wore it that night and the next day and intend to be wearing this little guy more frequently for a while.

Sorry for the blurry image ... it was the best picture I could capture

I don't really think the charm is politically correct, but I don't really care much about being PC. Its pretty and I want to wear and enjoy it! (And I think it was purchased before poaching became such a heated issue)

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Toothpaste ... it isn't just for your teeth!

I probably shouldn't admit this, but I've embarrassed myself here multiple times before so what will it really hurt to divulge one more piece of information?

So I have this blemish on my cheek next to my mouth. (Okay, fine, it is really a zit but the word "blemish" sounds so much better). Its one of those that you can feel coming on about a day before it actually breaks through the skin. Ugly and gross I know. But its a problem not only because it is nasty, but also because it hurts to smile and talk. Of course I immediately began treating it with zit cream but I didn't feel like that was really helping very much. I've been using Neutrogena's Rapid Clear Acne Eliminating Spot Gel for several years now. This stuff is usually fabulous and has served me well many times. It claims to reduce breakouts in 8 hours!! Maybe it used to work for me that fast, but my face must have built up a tolerance or something because it wasn't working for this particular blemish.

So when all else fails, you know what you do?

Use toothpaste.

I'm serious. Has anyone heard of this trick before? It really doesn't matter what kind, just as long as you use the actual paste and not the gel (although I've never tried the gel, that may work too). Obvs, you can only do this at night as you don't really want to walk around with a white dot on your face all day and smell like Colgate. But try it next time you're in a bind. (And admit it, this happens to you too!) I swear it works. My blemish isn't gone but it no longer hurts and I betcha it will disappear by tomorrow!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

I'm A (D-List) Celebrity! Get Me Outta Here

Yes, I watch this show. Religiously. I am probably unwise to admit that publicly, but whatevs. I really only started watching because I love/hate Heidi and Spencer and I figured that them being included in this cast meant drama and good, mindless television. Turns out, I was absolutely correct! Shocker, I know.

I guess the show is supposed to be a spinoff on Survivor, but with celebrities. (I think every reality show is some type of spinoff of Survivor, but I digress.) Apparently, NBC has a very loose definition of the word 'celebrity' as evidenced by the cast members:

Heidi Montag
Spencer Pratt
Sanjaya Malakar
John Salley
Janice Dickinson
Stephen Baldwin
Lou Diamond Phillips
Torrie Wilson
Patti Blagojevich
Daniel Baldwin

Ummmm ... really? These people are celebrities? I guess, by definition, they are but I would be hard pressed to tell you why most of them are even famous! I think everyone knows Speidi, and the Baldwins, and possibly Lou Diamond Phillips but beyond that? Who in the world is Frangela? (They are some comedy duo on VH1). And Patti Blagojevich?

Another thing about this show? Supposedly these people are playing for a charity of their choice, and that is wonderful. But in reality, I suspect that there is some compensation involved for the people who are doing this show. Some may have good intentions and may truly be there only to support their favorite charity, but I have a hard time believing that everyone's motivations are that altruistic. So basically, they are mostly in it for the free press (let's face it ... these people are mostly famewhores) and for whatever monetary compensation they are receiving.

I think everyone has watched Survivor at one time or another. The contestants on that show are fighters .... they eat whatever nasty insects they are served and they don't back down from any physical or mental challenges. These clowns? You tell them to eat one little bug and they flip out. Literally, they totally melt!

I'm getting to the point here, I swear.

Actually, my point is two-fold so I'm getting to both of them. Really.

First, if these people honestly care about their charities they need to act right. If they're told to get into a tank full of snakes and baby alligators, they just need to do it. If they're told to eat a goat testicle, they should try. They agreed to be on this show and accepted payment so now they need to participate. Like real Survivor contestants.

Secondly, what do these people think they are accomplishing by acting like divas. Do they not realize that they are belittling themselves by the way they behave? What are they accomplishing by creating drama all the time? Why do they have to steal each other's stuff and whine about their accommodations constantly? Sure this show is a train wreck, but it might not be if they would treat it like normal Survivor contestants do. Stuff like this just gives celebrities a bad name!

Friday, June 5, 2009

Big Red

I should preface this story by saying that I have a tendency to do certain things or to buy certain things purely for blog material. This story is one of those cases, and I have no problem in admitting that to you.

Ben and I bought a new car for me to drive last year so we decided to sell the car he was driving and I gave him the car that I had been driving since college. It was a good car and my dad always made sure it was serviced properly and well taken care of so when it was giving Ben trouble on his way to work yesterday, he called me at work to figure out where dad always took it for repairs and service. I called the mechanic and Ben met me there with the 4Runner and we left it there. Because it was close to my office, Ben drove me back and then took my car back to work with him.

This story is getting long, and really it isn't that interesting so let me just skip to the point. Ben's car wasn't ready in time which left me car-less at work. Soooo ... what other option did I have than to take the work truck home with me?

This bad boy is a 1989 Chevy Cheyenne! Purdy sweet!

Let me tell you, I got straight up LAUGHED at by some guys in traffic. Seriously! Also, I realized that you really do get discriminated against when you're driving a piece of junk. People wouldn't let me in and just were generally not courteous to me and Big Red. Oh well. Whatevs.

The truck really isn't as bad as it looks -- I mean it has power steering, brakes, AM/FM radio, air conditioning (as long as the windows are down), and one speaker!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Pirate Ellie

Part of the reason the Pirate Catfish post took me so long, is because I was trying to find a picture of a catfish wearing a pirate patch. (I know, I'm strange) I couldn't find one on the internetz so I commissioned a friend to make one for me in photoshop. He let me down, but then I got this picture from my brother in law this morning!

A Pirate Baby is WAY better than a pirate catfish!

I love exploiting my family, but for the record I had permission to use this photograph. This was taken during a routine vision test at Ellie's 6 month appointment. She's healthy and growing or I would obviously not make light of this picture!

The Prom Pose

Ben and I have this serious problem when we take pictures together. I love having pictures to document everything we do and to help us remember but it seems like we know no other pose besides this one.

Wouldn't everyone agree that this is the typical prom pose? We complain about it each time we take a picture, but neither of us are really sure what would be a better pose. We don't exactly want to become Heidi and Spencer with a bunch of stupid, cheesy, staged-but-supposed-to-look-natural photos like this one below:

So do you see my quandary? Or am I completely off-base here? Is this not something that many people struggle with? Maybe its just me, I don't know but something's gotta give here.