Thursday, October 13, 2011

Random Thangs

I don't think any of this really warrants a whole post, but I've got some general randomness to share today!  (With the tens of people who read this little blog:)

1) I am LOVING Elf makeup as of late.  Late this summer, I discovered this blush/bronzer set and LOVE it.  It is supposedly a dupe of some Nars product.  Can't really speak to that as I've never tried the Nars, but i do happen to love this set.  And its only $3!!! 
2) After one good experience with Elf, I decided to give it another try.  I bought this eyeshadow palette for I think $5 and it is fantastic!!  I may keep buying foundation and powder from the higher priced companies but I think I'll stick with the Elf eye shadows and blushes for a while!
3) Soooo, I made a little discovery last night/this morning.  Wyatt got sick last night about an hour and a half after he ate dinner.  This is the 4th time this has happened and it always follows the same pattern so I've suspected a food allergy but didn't know what it was.  I've kept a food log ever since the first occurrence and after last night I figured out the common link.  Salba grain!!  I've been giving him 'baby' food recently as a) he loves these squeezable pouches and b) its a good way to pump some fruits/veggies into him and there are several brands out there.  Only one of the brands contains this super-grain ... Happy Tot.  Isn't that crazy?  He has no other food allergies (that we're aware of) just to this random grain. 
4) As a result of him puking his guts out until midnight last night I was a little leery of giving him any milk this morning so I gave him a sippy cup of Pedialyte with his breakfast this morning. He CHUGGED it (and I'm sure he was thirsty, but still).  I gave him a second cup.  Chugged again.  I think he thinks its a treat since he really only drinks milk and water?  Poor baby.
5) I've had these shoes for a very long time.  I LOVE them and don't know where to find a new pair so I've resisted getting rid of these.  But they're just looking way too ratty to keep wearing, I think.  Guess its time to part with them???

6) We've started referring to Wyatt as "the badger" as of late after watching that honey badger you tube video.  (Have you seen it?  Its hilarious.  Worth your time to watch.  Swearz)  See what I mean? Wyatt is totally a badger ...

7) Last bit of randomness for you today.  I have another irrational hatred (similar to my hatred of cooked carrots) ... 3-series BMW's.  Have you ever noticed that when someone cuts you off in traffic or does something generally obnoxious or rude, they tend to be driving a 3-series?  Its true .... don't be rough!!

Monday, October 10, 2011

Burt's Pumpkin Farm

I took the day off work this past Friday to take Wyatt up to Burt's Farm along with my mom, sister and her family.  I haven't been to Burt's before, so this was my (and of course Wyatt's) first experience.  Apparently it is VERY crowded on the weekends so we decided to go on a week day to avoid some of the crowds.

I've got to say that I really like this place.  Some of their pumpkins are HUGE!  (And I would have taken home every single one if I could - slightly obsessed with pumpkins this year).  Mom, Wyatt and I got there a little bit before Kimmie and her clan so we started out taking pictures of W in the pumpkin patch.  He was in awe at first and actually cooperated with us.  Then he very quickly realized that it was more fun to run around than to smile for pictures! 

Wyatt was so happy to see Ellie when she got there!  They just ran up and hugged each other and immediately started "talking".  We did get them to pose for a few pictures.

Then we put Garrett and Meme into the mix.  Tough to get a 'good' picture of all 3 kids at once but I guess this one will do!

This was the best one we could get of W and I.  At this point he wanted to run around and had no patience for standing in one place!

He did cooperate for the wheelbarrow ride.  Unfortch, the sun did not cooperate and this picture is a little dark! Oh well ...

I think in this one he was trying to say "hey ... no pictures please!"

After we finished up pictures, we roamed around and looked at the smaller pumpkins.  Wyatt is a bit confused and thinks the really small ones are balls, so he likes to pick them up and throw them around.  The pumpkins at our house don't stand a chance of making it until Halloween ....

Ellie liked toting them around as well.  I think this one was a bit too heavy for her!

For some reason, I had picked Ellie up and was carrying her for a minute when someone decided he was jealous ...

After we were finished with the pumpkins, we went on a hayride which Wyatt loved!  He just relaxed and ate his snacks the whole time.  I think he almost fell asleep.

Then it was lunch time, so we had a little picnic by the stream and afterward I taught Wyatt how to throw rocks in the water to make a big splash!  I think he could have done this all day long.  (Oh and somewhere in there we had to have a little wardrobe change!  That red mulch got ALL OVER his white shirt.  Thanks to Shout, Tide Stain Release, and Resolve along with 3 rounds in the washing machine it came out though!)

We had a fun day at Burt's and look forward to going again next year!