Tuesday, December 30, 2008

My Blog Sucks Latley

I've been thinking that my blog is kinda boring lately and the lack of comments further reinforces that point to me. (I LOVE comments so reward me with them when I post something of interest :)

Anyways. So I know my blog sorta sucks right now, and I swear I'm working to improve it. Becky has now taken on a new role as my agent and will be helping me to improve things around here.

One thing that I do want to change is the name of my blog. I started it as Life With the Longmires because it was supposed to be a family thing detailing things that Ben and I do, but then I realized that it isn't really all that interesting to discuss what we eat for dinner every night and what we watch on TV. So I write more about myself. Therefore, I need a name change.

Any suggestions?

UPDATE: Evidently my spelling sucks as well. Thanks all for your feedback and suggestions! I'm going to change the name and I love both Nilsa's and Meg's ideas.

Longmired in Life

I think I'll post a poll.

Monday, December 29, 2008

The Limoncello Experiment Continues ...

Remember about a month ago, when I told yall that I was making a batch of homemade limoncello? In case you don't remember or don't feel like clicking back to that post, I just described the initial process of making the limoncello. This basically consisted of peeling a bunch of lemons and letting them infuse with Vodka for one month.

So now we're on phase 2!!! I began by removing all the lemon peels from the mixture, and then filtered the lemon-infused vodka using funnels and coffee filters. I didn't think this part would be so tedious, but it was. It took about an hour to filter the mixture and I only did it twice! Here is an action shot that Ben took while I was busy filtering.

After researching this some, I disovered that I probably should have filtered this mixture a few more times. Also, I realized that you are supposed to filter the liquor prior to using but I'm not really sure why. After I removed the peels and filtered the mixture, I made a simple syrup (1:1 sugar to water), let it cool and then mixed it with the vodka. I've read conflicting reports on this phase -- some say to let it rest for a month and some say that its fine to go ahead and enjoy. I did try a small sample and it has quite a kick, so I'm thinking I should let it rest for a month and let it mellow out a bit.

SO ... if you're over at my house visiting in late January make sure to ask to try my limoncello! I know this batch won't be perfect, so I do plan to change a few things next time in an effort to improve.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Just Say NO!!

It sounds so easy, doesn't it? Why is that one little word so hard to say when it comes to food? I've always heard people complain about how much they eat during the holidays and I really never understood it until this year. I've always loved food and probably eat more than I should, but it really hasn't ever mattered too much. Let me let yall in on a little secret though ....

Once you are in your late 20's, your metabolism SLOWS DOWN. Tremendously.

As I was busy eating my 1000-calorie steak biscuit this morning (someone brought them in to the office -- I couldn't be rude and decline), I decided to adopt a phrase from D.A.R.E. Just Say No! I'm going to try my damdest to eat normal-sized portions as opposed to gouging myself on all this yummy Christmas food.

Think I can do it?

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Dancin' Shoes

Are these boots not fabulous? I just love them! I don't think this picture quite does them justice, but they really are a good purchase. Not that I can take credit for finding them, because I saw Carrie wearing a pair and HAD to have them. I sent her back to the store where she bought them to find a pair for me. And not that I'm counting, but that is the second time this year I have copied a pair of shoes she was wearing.

What do you think I paid for those boots? I'll give you a hint and say that they were on major sale.

I show you the shoes, so that I can tell you about the inspiration they gave me when I was driving home from work yesterday. I normally talk to my mom or sister while I'm driving, but since
has arrived, neither of them are very available to me anymore. (No offense to sweet Ellie, of course. I have already asked my parents to temporarily adopt a sister for me while Kimmie is busy).

But I digress. Back to the point. Since I couldn't find anyone who was willing to talk to me on the phone, I had to resort to listening to music and thinking. This is a dangerous combination. One of my current favorite songs is "Forever" by Chris Brown (I think). When that came on, I immediately started dancing. And then it hit me ... I'm going to make up a dance routine to this song.

I'll let yall know how it turns out. Maybe if it is any good I'll even post it on the blog. But don't count on that happening because I'm the world's worst dancer.

I'm thinking that
a) it was a terrible idea
b) i probably shouldn't post this because now you all know what a dork I am

Tuesday, December 16, 2008


One of my favorite bloggers, Kindredly, tagged me the other day so I am supposed to let you all in on some information about myself. I'm also supposed to tag 5 other people, but I'm totally not a popular blogger so who knows if the people I choose will do it or not! We'll see.

10 years ago... I was a freshman at Georgia Tech. I had just turned 19 and was living in a dorm that I cannot remember the name of. I actually went to most of my classes and studied (gasp)! Not at the expense of fun, though. I was involved in my sorority and had made a group of girlfriends that I am still close to today. I also met my husband during my freshman year in college. He asked for my phone number but never did follow up and ask me out!!

8 years ago... I was a junior in college. Right? Yeah, I was. I had just returned home from a summer in Europe and had the time of my life. I lived in an apartment off Northside drive with 5 other girls. There was never a dull moment in that house! I think we spent most of our free time hosting keg parties and going to fraternity band parties.

6 years ago... Fresh out of college. I was working as a District Sales Manager for Club Med. I spent my days calling on travel agents and developing marketing/business plans with them to promote Club Med to their clients. The best part of the whole thing was that I got to travel down to the resorts every couple of months. I had a great tan for the whole 1.5 years I worked for them!

2 years ago... I was newly engaged to Ben so I was busy planning our wedding. At the same time, I also happened to be working full time (at my current job -- the BOC) and in school full time trying to finish my MBA. Talk about never having much free time!

5 yummy things:
Mellow Mushroom Pizza
Philly Tacos
Sweet Pockets Cupcakes
Italian food

5 places I'd like to escape to:

5 things I would never wear:
a hat
scoops with ups
any UGA apparel

5 favorite tv shows:
Grey's Anatomy
The Office
House Hunters International
Top Chef

5 things I enjoy doing:
going to the lake
watching TV (i'm a loser, i know that)
time with family and friends

favorite toys:
My new niece, Ellie (although her parents may not agree that she is a toy)
Nintendo Wii
Sea Doo's
my computer

Ben over at the Super Sweet Blaaahg
Harry at Team Thompson
anyone else who will actually play (i don't really think there are any other bloggers that read my blog)

Friday, December 12, 2008

Ben v. Spaghetti

As you may or may not know, I absolutely love to cook. I watch food network often (well, not so much anymore) and am constantly on the lookout for new and different things to try. I wouldn't say that I'm an adventurous eater but I do like to try new things. Ben puts up with this to a point. I think there have only been two times that he has deemed something inedible. Once was because it was inedible and the other time because it contained 2 ingredients that he hates.

With all that said, I do try to cook some of our favorite dishes at least a couple times a week. I've found that Ben handles a new recipe much better when he knows that one of his favorites are in the queue. Lately though, one of our mutual favorites has come under some serious criticism. Spaghetti.

That's right. Spaghetti. I make my own sauce sometimes, but often I just use the jarred sauce and I'll usually throw in some peppers, onions, and herbs to punch up the flavor a bit. So a few months ago I bought a different brand of jarred sauce and it was awful. Neither one of us liked it, and I promised him that I would go back to the old kind. And I did. However, the very next time I made spaghetti he decided to tell me that his mother's was better.

OUCH!! I mean no offense at all to Ben's mother, but just OUCH. I mean, it is completely fine and natural to think that. You just don't say it to your wife!!!

Every time since then, he has requested that I make his mother's sauce. I haven't only because I don't have her recipe. He has to think to ask her in advance of when I go grocery shopping and I'll be happy to give it a whirl.

I think I have an alternate solution though, Ben. Just BUY ME THIS COOKBOOK for Christmas. I want it, need it, have to have it. I know your mother makes great spaghetti, but a a Rao's cookbook contains real Italian recipes. That would at least give her a run for her money!!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

It Was All in My Mind ....

Yeah. Apparently I am as terrible at fake bowling as I am at real bowling. Not only did I lose to Josh, I had the very lowest score of the night. I suck. I was so bad that one of my fellow competitors felt the need to coach me and give advice.

Its almost like I was back in middle school playing recreational basketball. I did that for 2 years and scored 6 points my whole career. I guess I'm just not athletic at all.

Wii Bowling

Ben got a Wii for his birthday in July and I have pretty much taken it over as if it were mine. One of my favorite Wii games is bowling. I. AM. AWESOME! Really, I totally kick ass at fake bowling. Not so much at real bowling though, I am terrible at that.

The first night that Ben had the Wii, he and my brother-in-law (is that hyphenated? i never know for sure) and I played. I beat them both with ease. Since then Ben and I have played a few times and I always win. He'll probably chime in here and say that he lets me win but that is a lie. Since I'm so good and all, Josh challenged me to a fake bowling tournament at Jocks and Jills. I'm going tonight and I intend to win. Even if I don't win the whole thing, I will definitely beat Josh. Don't yall think?

Disclaimer: I have been working really hard this week on my Wii Fit. I've done so many lunges and toe raises, etc that I can barely walk. If for some reason I don't do well, that is obviously the reason.

Stay tuned for results tomorrow!

Monday, December 8, 2008

Dear Chick-fil-A,

You are awesome! You are one of the few fast food restaurants that I will visit. (Ask my husband, I am horrible on long road trips because I pretty much refuse to eat fast food). There are many things on your menu which I enjoy, but my all-time favorite is your Chicken Salad Sandwich. With cheese.

I used to live off your sandwiches. Anytime that I didn't feel like cooking or needed to grab something quick to eat, I would always order myself a chicken salad sandwich with cheese. Occasionally, I would change up my order but only if I had Chick-fil-A for my previous meal. The best thing about your chicken salad sandwiches was the fact that they were flat. The bread was toasted and pressed and it just made the sandwich so much tastier. But now, now you have changed your menu up and the sandwich is all new and different.

As a frequent customer, I beg of you to change it back. I can't say that I dislike the new one but it just isn't the same as the old one. I get that you needed to raise prices. I'm not dumb enough to believe that you actually just wanted to re-invent some of your menu items. You just wanted an excuse to raise the price of a sandwich by a couple cents. That's fine. Go ahead and raise your price. I promise, I'll still eat there. JUST DO NOT CHANGE THE RECIPE. I want my sandwich flat and pressed ... just like it used to be. And quit chopping the chicken so coarsely. And keep your lettuce and fancy box while you're at it.

Please. Bring back the old chicken salad sandwich.

Your Loyal Customer who Despises Change

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Baby Ellie

Baby Ellie has finally arrived! I got a call at about 6:00 on Tuesday morning from Dave telling me that Kimmie was in labor and was headed to the hospital. (I will refrain from using any medical terms here, because I don't like hearing them).

I will admit that I was a bit shocked when Kimmie first told me that she was pregnant. I think my first comment was actually "oh .... well I'll be happy once I digest this, I know". I know that sounds horrible, but its what i said. Fast forward 9 months. When I heard my phone ring Tuesday morning, I was dripping wet from my shower yet I leapt across the room to get to my phone. I couldn't have been more excited!

I somehow managed to pull myself together and go to work for a few hours. Mom came by the office and rode over to the hospital with me. The whole time when I was waiting on mom to get there, I was barely able to work. Finally, we made it to the hospital where I thought things would move rather quickly. They didn't.

Dave was as calm as can be when he came down to the lobby to lead Mom and I up to their L&D room. We went in there to find Kimmie not quite her usual chipper self. I have to say that although she wasn't as upbeat as she usually is, she was never ever rude or mean despite the great pain that she was dealing with. She finally got an epidural a little while after lunch and once that kicked in she was a happy camper. Making jokes and all.

I won't go into all the specifics, but eventually the doctor came in and decided that it was baby time. During "baby time", Kimmie went through an hour of pure hell. There is not a thing in the world you can do to comfort someone as they go through labor but to feed them ice and give them cold washcloths. I was an awesome waschloth runner though. And I scooped up some seriously mean spoonfulls of ice! I think I even threw in a few words of encouragement as well.

After 15 hours of labor, Ellie Grace Heglin was born at 9:31 PM on 12/2/2008. She weighed 7lbs 3 oz. and was 20 inches long. She is beautiful and and perfect and I cannot wait to get to know her over the years. I know I'm going to be the awesomest aunt ever!! Both Kimmie and Ellie are recovering well and were released from the hospital this afternoon.

Ellie was about 10 minutes old when this photo was taken.

Ellie meets Mom and Dad

Ellie meets Awesome Aunt Katie and Awesome Uncle Ben. (Awesome Aunt Katie doesn't look so Awesome in this photo ... don't judge)

If you want to see more photos of Ellie G, click HERE!

Monday, December 1, 2008

In An Effort to Become Less of a Grinch

Several people told me that my Grinch post was bratty (who am I kidding? Really, I think they used the word "bitchy"). Because of those comments, I have made an effort to get into the Christmas spirit. Really, I'm trying!

I did a lot of shopping over the weekend. We were with Ben's family this year and their tradition is to get up super early and go to the outlets on the Friday after Thanksgiving. I went in all prepared with my list of things I needed to purchase. I only have a few Christmas gifts yet to buy so that was pretty low stress. Most of the shops we visited were all decorated and playing Christmas music so I really did start to get inspired. I even got a couple of decorating ideas. (We went so early that the outlet wasn't crowded, so I was in a good mood)

We got home yesterday and despite the cold and the rain, I decided to go out and do a few errands. I went to Perimeter mall and immediately got pissed off for a couple of reasons:

1) This lady flat-out STOLE my parking spot. How can you enjoy Christmas when people are jerks? I may or may not have waited for mean lady to get out of her car and bless her out for taking my spot. Then I was redeemed when I drove over to another aisle and found a much better spot. Karma

2) The Crate and Barrel there is closed down! This totally ruined my Christmas mood. I still can't get over it.

Despite these two problems, I pushed on through. I wanted to buy some ornaments to hang from my chandelier at C&B, but since it was gone I had to look elsewhere. We looked all over the mall, but I finally ended up buying some at Target.

SO, the point of this post is to say that I am attempting to be less grinchy. I really don't hate Christmas, but I do hate some of the things that go along with it: crowded shopping malls, mean people who steal parking spots, cheesy music on the radio, and the pressure of finding the perfect gift.

I did come home last night from my shopping trip and find it in me to decorate my chandelier. What do yall think? Is this tacky? Too symmetrical? Too many ornaments?