Friday, June 5, 2009

Big Red

I should preface this story by saying that I have a tendency to do certain things or to buy certain things purely for blog material. This story is one of those cases, and I have no problem in admitting that to you.

Ben and I bought a new car for me to drive last year so we decided to sell the car he was driving and I gave him the car that I had been driving since college. It was a good car and my dad always made sure it was serviced properly and well taken care of so when it was giving Ben trouble on his way to work yesterday, he called me at work to figure out where dad always took it for repairs and service. I called the mechanic and Ben met me there with the 4Runner and we left it there. Because it was close to my office, Ben drove me back and then took my car back to work with him.

This story is getting long, and really it isn't that interesting so let me just skip to the point. Ben's car wasn't ready in time which left me car-less at work. Soooo ... what other option did I have than to take the work truck home with me?

This bad boy is a 1989 Chevy Cheyenne! Purdy sweet!

Let me tell you, I got straight up LAUGHED at by some guys in traffic. Seriously! Also, I realized that you really do get discriminated against when you're driving a piece of junk. People wouldn't let me in and just were generally not courteous to me and Big Red. Oh well. Whatevs.

The truck really isn't as bad as it looks -- I mean it has power steering, brakes, AM/FM radio, air conditioning (as long as the windows are down), and one speaker!


Lesley said...

You look HOT in that thing. I think you should drive that bad boy more frequently...Yeehaw!!

Erin said...

Katie, you can totally put that off.

someplacegood said...

nice ride. I can't believe someone laughed at you. I don't see why.