Sunday, May 31, 2009

Pirate Catfish

I got some flack from my family this past week for not already having posted this story, so I guess this is better late than never!

Ben and I spent Memorial Day weekend at the lake with my family. The weather wasn't great the first day we were there but got significantly better the next two days so we ended up having a great time skiing, riding the boat, laying out and swimmng. I'd like to say that we rode the jet skis as well, but our lake neighbor, JackAss*, yelled at me for making a wake. (I had a 2 year old girl on the jet ski with me at the time .... I wasn't driving too fast). Anywho, that is neither here nor there.

me skiing ... yaaay! i only learned to ski 5 years ago and have not even attempted in the past 2 years so don't make fun of me for being on 2 skis. i'm too old to learn to slolem now!

Ben and my brother in law, Dave, always like to hang out on the dock and fish while the rest of us swim or lay out or ride the boat or whatever. Saturday afternoon I had a great idea that they should go out and get a bunch of bait because I was going to sit there and and fish with them. I feed the fish around our dock all the time so they're practically pets to me - we always catch and release so I just figured it would be pretty harmless.

I got someone to put a worm on my fishing pole (I really don't like to bait my own ... I'm a priss like that) and dropped it onto the bottom of the lake. Very quickly I got a bite but I just didn't set the hook in time so the fish got away. It didn't take long for me to get another bite and I set the hook this time and wrestled the fish to the surface. Once I got him out, Ben tried to make me take him off but I refused so he came over to help me (reluctantly). Anyway, as it turns out I set the hook too late this time so I hooked the poor fish through his eye!! I felt HORRIBLE. They released him and he swam away but I'm pretty sure he is at the bottom of the lake saying "yaaargh" right now.
I have decided that my fishing career is officially over. I can't be out there turning all the fish I catch into pirates.

* his name is Jack but I've decided that a more fitting name for him is JackAss.


Becky said...

You mentioned the Pirate Catfish last week and I thought that was maybe a specific species. Now I know!

EquisBuffy said...

I thought the same as Becky and I wondered why I'd never heard of fried Pirate Catfish. LOL! Looks like an excellent weekend.

Carrie Adams said...

How fun! I loved the boating pictures. Ellie is too precious!

Katie said...

Becky & EquisBuffy - I should give Ben credit for this joke, he's the one who actually coined the term.

Carrie - She is soooo sweet! You need to meet her.