Monday, August 29, 2011

Lake Weekend ... final one for the season for me :(

Not this past weekend, but the weekend prior Wyatt and I both went up to the lake for the weekend with my parents.  Ben was hosting his fantasy football draft at our house, so I decided it would just be best if Wyatt and I were just not around until well after the draft had ended (and our house was cleaned up afterward)!  Also, it looks like this will be the end of lake season for me this year - sadly this was only the 3rd time I'd been all season.  Verrrrry unlike us but we've had a busy summer.

It was a nice, relaxing weekend and we pretty much just did the usual ...
splashed in the baby pool
 played in the boat
 rode in the boat and LOVED helping papa drive
floated in the lake with meme

 and of course drove the Kubota.

Wyatt will also be spending Labor Day Weekend up at the boat so I'm sure I'll have more cute pictures to share soon :)

Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Spinach is pretty much the only vegetable that I can get Wyatt to eat.  I know he's his daddy's son so that means we will probably always struggle with getting veggies into him.  Anyway, the other evening I was busy making his favorite spinach and cheese quesadilla for dinner and decided to take this video of him eating the spinach leaves raw.  He does this every time I have the spinach out and in his reach. 

I'm pretty sure Ben was horrified at this video!  Oh well. 

Friday, August 19, 2011

Sarcastic Friday

One of my favorite things about Fridays is that I get an email from someecards.  I'm not sure how people think of this stuff, but it never fails to disappoint me!  Here are some of my favorite ones from today's email.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Monday at Meme's

My mom usually keeps Wyatt once a week while Ben and I are at work.  These are the GREATEST days - for me and for Wyatt.  (Usually when Meme comes, the laundry fairy also comes so it is fabulous to come home to empty laundry baskets and full closets!)

However, we hadn't had a "Meme day" in a few weeks because she's been up helping my sister out with new baby Garrett.  This past week was his first one in a while and because I had to re-arrange the schedule this week to a different day, she kept him at her house for the day.

She texted me a few pictures of their activities from the day so I just couldn't resist sharing them....

Playing in Lilburn Park 

Riding his tricycle.  He looks sooooo big, doesn't he?

Watching Barney in Meme's car.  He doesn't get to face forward OR watch movies in our cars, so he thought he was hot stuff!
Driving Meme's car

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Weekend Recap

Before I get started on sharing the details of this past weekend, I wanted to share a picture from the weekend prior when I took Wyatt up to Kimmie's to meet baby Garrett.  It was kindof a whirlwind trip as I was wrestling with nap and eating schedules but it was good to at least get the 3 kids together for a picture.  Even if this is how the photo session turned out ....

So, this past Thursday was Ben and I's 4th anniversary!  He was so sweet and gave me a nice card, gorgeous flowers, and a shiny new Keurig!!  Here is a picture of the pretty flowers he gave me.

Ben's parents came down on Friday so Wyatt got a half-day at school!  They spoiled him rotten all afternoon and enjoyed letting him splash in his pool and ride in his little car outside.  When I got home from work, I could tell he was having an absolute blast and he really didn't want to come inside to eat dinner and have bath time. 

That night, Ben grilled some chicken wings for dinner ... he's been testing recipes out before he grills them for his friends at their big fantasy draft this weekend.  I love that Ben likes to grill so much, because it makes for very easy summertime meals and leaves me very little kitchen cleanup.
Griller Extraordinaire!
Saturday afternoon, Ben and his dad went to the PGA tourney.   Rosemary kept Wyatt for me so that I could run my errands without a baby in tow!  It is insane how much more quickly you can do things when there is no baby with you!  I even had a few minutes to go down to the pool and relax.

Saturday night, we went out for our anniversary dinner at Davio's.  OMG. it was sooooo good!  We had a great time and loved the wine glasses that were bigger than our heads!

Friday was also Kimmie's birthday and my parents went up to her house that evening to have a little celebration.  As bedtimes are a constant battle, we just couldn't make it up there on Friday so we took her lunch on Sunday instead.  This was the only picture I got while we were there because its just wild chasing after a baby when you're at someone else's house!   All he-man wanted to do is push this table around ...

Thursday, August 11, 2011

4 years!

Happy Anniversary to my sweet, loving husband!  Thank you for the last 4 (well really 7) years and I look forward to many, many, many more!

Engagement - November, 2006

August 11, 2007

 February 2008 - visit to Aquarium

August 2009 - in Maui

March 2010 - waiting on Shim!

June 2011 - in Perdido Key

Friday, August 5, 2011

Amazon Mom

Are there any mamas out there that don't know about/don't use Amazon Mom for their diaper purchases?  If so, you need to join NOW!!

I think I got some fliers in the mail a couple of times and saw a few blogs about Amazon Mom back in the fall.  I totally ignored them at first and I'm not sure what made me finally sit down and join.  Its a free membership, and basically just saves you money (and time) in buying diapers, wipes, etc.  When Wyatt was first born I was convinced that I needed a stockpile of diapers in his closet because it is just always so inconvenient to run out and buy diapers.  Problem was, I'd buy about 3 boxes at a time and I'd always wind up stuck with at least 1 or 2 boxes leftover after he graduated sizes.  Also?  Target's return policy is horrible.  I'm pretty sure I am on their 'list' of habitual returners simply because of my diaper stockpile/returns. 

At the risk of sounding like an extreme couponer, I'm going to share one of my dirty little secrets with you: I LOATHE paying retail for something that I know I can buy cheaper.  (Just take a look in my pantry to find 8 boxes of pasta, and a lifetime supply of coca cola products and you'll figure that one out).  This is another reason Amazon Mom is so awesome.  You save 15% over their price by being a member and another 15% for choosing the subscribe and save option (you can cancel that subscription with no penalty as soon as you receive your order).  Comparing apples to apples, I usually pay about 16-18 cents per diaper versus the 23-25 cents I would pay at a retail store.  You also don't pay sales tax or shipping.

And the BEST part?  You order them and 2-3 days later there is a box of diapers on your doorstep.  Ahh, it is so convenient.  I've gotten to the point where when I am at Babies R' Us or somewhere like that I just cringe at the sight of people buying diapers there. 

This is a long post and a lot of words to tell you - go join amazon mom.  Use them to buy diapers, wipes, and sometimes even Dreft (you do have to watch those prices though - it can be cheaper at the store).  If you haven't been using Amazon before, you need to now.  You'll thank me, I swear!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Happy BIRTH Day, Garrett!

Kimmie's due date was July 28 (last Thursday) so if you know my family at all you know that we were ALL on pins and needles for about 2 weeks.  We were on call at all times, nobody going out of town or making any major plans .... that sort of thing.

And just like a watched pot never boils.  A baby never comes on his/her actual due date (or at least about 95% of the time they don't).  so that left us waiting.  Bored and waiting.  (Was this what people felt like when I was 8 days overdue with Wyatt?  Probably)

Kimmie started sending me texts on Saturday night that she was having time-able contractions.  At midnight she said she was going to sleep.  I fully expected to get a call in the middle of the night but I didn't.  Finally, she called me on Sunday morning on her way to the hospital.  All in all it was a pretty quick delivery -- he was born at 2:54 Sunday afternoon and is healthy and perfect!

Big boy weighed in at 8 lbs 6 oz (just like Wyatt) and was 22 inches!!! 

They are home now and adjusting to life as a family of four.  Ellie has apparently been wonderful with him and I know she will be a fantastic big sister.  I know she will also probably boss both Garrett and Wyatt around all the time, but that's okay!  At least it is 2 against one.  (Sorry the below picture is missing Ellie, but she didn't get to go to the hospital until Monday afternoon) 

In other news ... guess who is walking now???  We definitley already have our hands full with Wyatt and now he is going to be all. over. the. place.