Monday, December 1, 2008

In An Effort to Become Less of a Grinch

Several people told me that my Grinch post was bratty (who am I kidding? Really, I think they used the word "bitchy"). Because of those comments, I have made an effort to get into the Christmas spirit. Really, I'm trying!

I did a lot of shopping over the weekend. We were with Ben's family this year and their tradition is to get up super early and go to the outlets on the Friday after Thanksgiving. I went in all prepared with my list of things I needed to purchase. I only have a few Christmas gifts yet to buy so that was pretty low stress. Most of the shops we visited were all decorated and playing Christmas music so I really did start to get inspired. I even got a couple of decorating ideas. (We went so early that the outlet wasn't crowded, so I was in a good mood)

We got home yesterday and despite the cold and the rain, I decided to go out and do a few errands. I went to Perimeter mall and immediately got pissed off for a couple of reasons:

1) This lady flat-out STOLE my parking spot. How can you enjoy Christmas when people are jerks? I may or may not have waited for mean lady to get out of her car and bless her out for taking my spot. Then I was redeemed when I drove over to another aisle and found a much better spot. Karma

2) The Crate and Barrel there is closed down! This totally ruined my Christmas mood. I still can't get over it.

Despite these two problems, I pushed on through. I wanted to buy some ornaments to hang from my chandelier at C&B, but since it was gone I had to look elsewhere. We looked all over the mall, but I finally ended up buying some at Target.

SO, the point of this post is to say that I am attempting to be less grinchy. I really don't hate Christmas, but I do hate some of the things that go along with it: crowded shopping malls, mean people who steal parking spots, cheesy music on the radio, and the pressure of finding the perfect gift.

I did come home last night from my shopping trip and find it in me to decorate my chandelier. What do yall think? Is this tacky? Too symmetrical? Too many ornaments?


Rebecca said...

Looks good! Put some garland twisted with that same ribbon you used around your candleabra on the table. Tuck a few more ornaments in that to bring it all together.

Mary Beth said...

I started decorating last night. I love Christmas but the busy malls really drive me crazy. I think the chandelier looks great. I am going to copy your idea.

ashkindred said...

Love the chandelier. Might copy as well. :)

You know the economy is jacked when C&B closes down a store...sadness.

BWL said...

Katie's fake Christmas spirit is so cute

Carrie said...

I agree with Becky. Garland would be perfect! The ornaments look really cute.

As far as shopping is concerned, this drizzly weather is not motivating me to get out and walk a mile in busy parking lots.

Carrie said...

Oh and another tip! I didn't feel like getting out in the rain (as previously mentioned) so I shopped online. Wal-mart has shipping for 97 cents! I bought some electronics that were sold out in the actual store and Best Buy.

Erin said...

Online shopping is the way to go. I make a point of completely avoiding the mall during the month of December. It's sooo not worth it this time of year.

Oh, and someone mentioned the annoying Kay jewelers commercials on your other post -- what about those terrible Jared commercials ("He went to JARED!!!")? Ugh.

Josh said...

I hate those Jarad commercials too Erin.

We get it Jarad you lost weight eating Subway. Now beat it!

Harrison Philip Slye said...

i agree about the garland - very cute idea kitty kat. and, what about the "every kiss belongs to kay" jingle - that is SO annoying to me!!! :)

and, since i'm thinking about commercials - these runoff commercials for martin/chambliss are killing me - how many spots did they buy???!!!?? aubrey

Team Thompson said...

I should have clarified my comment earlier......I really hate the Kay Jewelry commercials. But more generally, I hate jewelry commercials.

Tom Shane--Here's an idea....speak with inflection.

Jarad--What's a 13 letter phrase for engagement? Inflated Rings

D. Gellar and Sons--I don't know who D. Gellar is and sure as heck don't know his son, but making terrible commercials must be hereditary.