Tuesday, December 30, 2008

My Blog Sucks Latley

I've been thinking that my blog is kinda boring lately and the lack of comments further reinforces that point to me. (I LOVE comments so reward me with them when I post something of interest :)

Anyways. So I know my blog sorta sucks right now, and I swear I'm working to improve it. Becky has now taken on a new role as my agent and will be helping me to improve things around here.

One thing that I do want to change is the name of my blog. I started it as Life With the Longmires because it was supposed to be a family thing detailing things that Ben and I do, but then I realized that it isn't really all that interesting to discuss what we eat for dinner every night and what we watch on TV. So I write more about myself. Therefore, I need a name change.

Any suggestions?

UPDATE: Evidently my spelling sucks as well. Thanks all for your feedback and suggestions! I'm going to change the name and I love both Nilsa's and Meg's ideas.

Longmired in Life

I think I'll post a poll.


Nilsa said...

Don't be down on yourself. I think we all go through ups and downs with our blogs. And most blogs are pretty fluid ... changing with the mood, ya know?

I think "My Blog Sucks Lately" is a lovely name for a blog. Ha. I kid. What about Longmired in Life. A little play on words?

Rebecca said...

As your agent, I first have to ask you to spell the titles of your blog posts correctly...

You're just lucky to not have crazy drama in your life to write about. All the juicy blogs have crazy drama. Maybe make something up every now and then. That'd be a hoot.

Also, when your blog gets big and famous, I get a cut of your ad rev (blog agent lingo) ok?

I like Nilsa's idea of playing on words for your new title.

Here's another agent idea: Have a contest. The best name gets a prize. A real prize!

Mary Beth said...

I have just discovered Google Reader (yes I am way behind the times) so I read your blog a lot more frequently than when I used to have to click on every blog I read to see if it was updated.

I personally think your blog is great and I am always entertained. I will see if I can think of a better blog title but I do like Nilsa's idea.

See you tomorrow!!!!

Megan said...

How about

Erin said...

I also really like your blog. I look forward to it as much as popsugar, which is saying a lot. I don't have any ideas for a name, but I like the ones that have been suggested.

Josh said...

You need to change your blog name to...

Josh's Blog is Better Than This One

EquisBuffy said...

About a month ago (I think) you did a post on your favorite drugstore items. I absolutely loved that post and thought it was a fabulous idea. Hope that helps.

Kimberly said...

Blog idea...post a review on 2008 as we move into 2009. Post some pics. of things that happened.

No good ideas for blog names. I do like the two that got suggested.

SueBear said...

Katie, I think you should have Longmired Life as your new blog name.

There should be plenty to write about after New Years. You can start with how your living room looked (and probably smelled) like a college house this morning. Thanks for having us :)

Ross said...

Indeed, your house looked like you had a carbon monoxide leak! But that just means that we all had a good time, and that you were nice enough to board us all for the night. So thanks again... By the way, I think you should go with Blogmire since that was what I wanted to call Ben when I found out he had a blog a few months ago. Actually it was Blongmire... but same difference.

Scott said...

You can't go wrong with either of those names.

Also, I really like the part of the blog where you link to that super cute girl Caroline Cooper. That alone puts you ahead of most blogs out there.