Monday, December 29, 2008

The Limoncello Experiment Continues ...

Remember about a month ago, when I told yall that I was making a batch of homemade limoncello? In case you don't remember or don't feel like clicking back to that post, I just described the initial process of making the limoncello. This basically consisted of peeling a bunch of lemons and letting them infuse with Vodka for one month.

So now we're on phase 2!!! I began by removing all the lemon peels from the mixture, and then filtered the lemon-infused vodka using funnels and coffee filters. I didn't think this part would be so tedious, but it was. It took about an hour to filter the mixture and I only did it twice! Here is an action shot that Ben took while I was busy filtering.

After researching this some, I disovered that I probably should have filtered this mixture a few more times. Also, I realized that you are supposed to filter the liquor prior to using but I'm not really sure why. After I removed the peels and filtered the mixture, I made a simple syrup (1:1 sugar to water), let it cool and then mixed it with the vodka. I've read conflicting reports on this phase -- some say to let it rest for a month and some say that its fine to go ahead and enjoy. I did try a small sample and it has quite a kick, so I'm thinking I should let it rest for a month and let it mellow out a bit.

SO ... if you're over at my house visiting in late January make sure to ask to try my limoncello! I know this batch won't be perfect, so I do plan to change a few things next time in an effort to improve.

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