Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Dancin' Shoes

Are these boots not fabulous? I just love them! I don't think this picture quite does them justice, but they really are a good purchase. Not that I can take credit for finding them, because I saw Carrie wearing a pair and HAD to have them. I sent her back to the store where she bought them to find a pair for me. And not that I'm counting, but that is the second time this year I have copied a pair of shoes she was wearing.

What do you think I paid for those boots? I'll give you a hint and say that they were on major sale.

I show you the shoes, so that I can tell you about the inspiration they gave me when I was driving home from work yesterday. I normally talk to my mom or sister while I'm driving, but since
has arrived, neither of them are very available to me anymore. (No offense to sweet Ellie, of course. I have already asked my parents to temporarily adopt a sister for me while Kimmie is busy).

But I digress. Back to the point. Since I couldn't find anyone who was willing to talk to me on the phone, I had to resort to listening to music and thinking. This is a dangerous combination. One of my current favorite songs is "Forever" by Chris Brown (I think). When that came on, I immediately started dancing. And then it hit me ... I'm going to make up a dance routine to this song.

I'll let yall know how it turns out. Maybe if it is any good I'll even post it on the blog. But don't count on that happening because I'm the world's worst dancer.

I'm thinking that
a) it was a terrible idea
b) i probably shouldn't post this because now you all know what a dork I am


Rebecca said...

Dance like an egg, dance like an egg...

Nilsa said...

Smoking hot boots. And I want to know if the store where you got them is located anywhere in the Midwest. Because I might go out and copy you copying Carrie. =)

Katie said...

I got them at White House/Black Market -- I think those are nationwide so you should definitely look for them!

They were only $20! Can you believe that?

BWL said...

we are getting a pole installed in or condo with the savings from the boots

Erin said...

I think the dance routine is an excellent idea. You should come to dance class with me on wednesday nights to get some moves to throw in there.

Team Thompson said...

I would take the savings and buy "These Boots Were Made for Walking" By Nancy Sinatra.

Carrie said...

I'm behind on my comments...These boots are the best buy of the season! I've already walked a least 500 miles in them. Seriously, they should have made Oprah's favorite things episode.