Wednesday, November 26, 2008


This past weekend was a busy one for the Longmire household. I know this is a little late for an update, but since you are all dying to know what has been going on with us I'll share!!

Thursday night we went to the Miami game. It was a little too cold for the whiteout, but we made our best effort. Normally I struggle to actually watch the football games even though I go to all of them, but I actually watched some of this one! It made Ben so proud, let me tell ya. Anyway, it was a good game and a big win for the jackets. Next up: Georgia. Be sure to check out Ben's blog entry this week about Hate Week.

I really like this picture!! Next time you are at my house, you will probably see it framed somewhere.

We celebrated birthday #2 on Friday which started out with dinner at La Paz (Yummy!) and ended up at Vintage Tavern. In my group of friends, birthdays have always been a big deal! In college each birthday was a huge production and typically lasted about a week. We aren't quite as dramatic these days about bdays but there is usually some type of get-together. (These days we look for any excuse to get together though) Anyway, fun was had by all that night and here are a few pictures to prove it!

Thanks, Carrie for sending the pictures from your camera! Mine did not turn out very good.

Since Carrie and Susan stayed at our house on Friday night, that meant that we just HAD to go to OK Cafe for lunch the next day. Carrie and I both love to eat
, so when she is around you can always count on the fact that you'll eat good! Saturday afternoon was spent laying around. Not really sure what I did other than hook up my new Wii Fit. That night we had an engagement party to attend but I was a slacker and didn't take a single picture.

Sunday was more of the same. We literally did nothing all day. Except eat pizza, watch football, and go grocery shopping.

Then on Monday, we went to see MADONNA at Phillips arena! It was incredible. Ben can probably give you a better analysis of the concert than I can, but I'll take a stab at it. Madge opened up to some of her new stuff that I didn't really know. This didn't matter too much because I was just enamored with the dancing/costumes/show. She did a really great job at sprinkling in her older stuff including Vogue, Into the Groove, Borderline, You Must Love Me, and Like a Prayer. She even did an audience version of Express Yourself. I wasn't that impressed with that portion -- I guess she wanted involvement from the audience but I would have preferred to just hear her sing it herself. She is an amazing dancer and incredibly in shape. All in all it was a great concert. We were exhausted from it on Tuesday but it was well worth it! Here are a few pictures.

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Harrison Philip Slye said...

so jealous about the madonna concert! cute pics! and LOVE the comment about our week long bday celebrations - david's still getting used to this in the slye household!!! :)aub