Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Just Call Me Grinch

I'll have a real post later, but right now I just need to say something that needs to be said.


At the risk of sounding like a complete scrooge, I am annoyed because of Christmas. I know that sounds awful but seriously, it is supposed to be a holiday about family and friends and peace and happiness. And frankly, right now it isn't. Christmas is a stressor for several reasons:

1) it is sneaking up on me and i don't know when we will find time to get our tree up and our house decorated

2) i have an ever-growing list of gifts to buy for people and have no clue what to buy them. this means i'll end up buying them something that they don't need (otherwise they would buy it for themselves) and thus wasting my money

3) i don't know when i will find time to go buy the gifts that these people don't really need/want

4) i feel over-committed during the holidays. of course you have the family christmas(es) and the friend get-togethers, and maybe a work party. that is to be expected. but suddenly i'm looking at my december calendar and realize that i don't have a single free weekend!!!! that really gives me great anxiety.

5) right after christmas, we have possibly the worst holiday of all time. New Year's Eve.

If I have offended you, please understand. It isn't any one of these things that frustrate me, it is the combination of all these things.


Rebecca said...

Katie - do you share my severe repulsion to radio stations playing Christmas music?

Also, didn't you used to have a husband that blogged? What happened to him?

Team Thompson said...

One thing I hate about Christmas.....those damn Kay Jewelry commercials. Nothing makes me more sick than the goofy looking douchebag guy trying to get in good with his high maintenance girlfriend/wife with a $50.00 necklace under the Christmas tree.

Every kiss begins with Kay......my ass.

BWL said...

hopefully the ghosts of christmas present, past, and future come scare the hell out of my wife soon or i'm gonna need some extra strong egg nog to make it through the next month or so with the female Ebeneezer Scrooge

and if you hate Christmas music you hate America and Jesus

oh, and i blogged

Katie said...

Becky - I enjoy Christmas music to an extent, but I agree with you on the radio thing. Sometimes you just want to hear something else!

Harry - good point on that Kay Jewelry. A $50 necklace might get you a kiss from your wife, but that is about all!

BWL - I'm sorry. I promise that I'll get in the Christmas spirit once I'm done shopping/decorating. Probably about Dec. 23

Rebecca said...

BWL - I will sing 'What Child Is This' with the best of them in church, but Mariah Carey singing 'All I Want For Christmas Is You' makes me want to gag.

BWL said...

touche rebecca


Anonymous said...


The Panther hates Christmas too. I have trouble stringing christmas lights because all I have are these lousy paws.

The panther is trying to decide whether to stay in his panther den for the night or go out on a cougar hunt.

- The Panther