Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Run Forrest Run

After talking to a friend this afternoon and having my endurance called into question, I was inspired. I was bound and determined to actually RUN on my afternoon run. (As opposed to the walking that I normally do). I visualized my run all afternoon. I really had myself psyched up to run about a mile. Believe me, this would be quite the accomplishment.

So what was the outcome you ask?

Seriously. Be honest with yourself. OF COURSE I couldn't run a whole mile. I think I ran about 0.3 miles. Don't laugh. This is a huge accomplishment (for me). After that 3/10 of a mile I continued on my path and ran in spurts. As a follow-up to one of my previous posts (thank you everyone for your musical suggestions) here are a few songs that helped me out today:

Desperatley Wanting -- Better than Ezra

Like a Prayer -- Madonna

Scarlett Begonias -- Grateful Dead

Laugh at me if you want. Clearly the person who said that I have no endurance has a point. Whatever. Its a work in progress.

Oh. One more thing. I'm in the middle of cooking dinner. Hawaiian chicken, green beans, couscous (for me) and a baked potato (for Ben). What are the odds Ben eats what I'm cooking without complaint?


Josh said...

You need to run three "furlongs" to see a benefit.

How can you not like Hawaiian Chicken?

Katie said...

He did like the chicken actually.

What is a furlong?

Erin said...

Katie, don't feel bad. The only time I ever ran a mile in my entire life was in 8th grade P.E. It will probably never happen again.

the sits girls said...

Dinner sounds yummy! We think it's great you ran part of the way...if you do that little bit each time, eventually you can add a little extra and a little extra. Baby steps!! You go, girl!