Wednesday, October 29, 2008

A Few Things

I've got a lot of random thoughts that I would like to blog about tonight. Mostly, I've realized that this blog has become "life with Katie" and not so much "life with the Longmires". I'll really try to do a better job about blogging about Longmire life and not just life in my bubble. So, now lets get down to business.

1) Ben has his Halloween costume all schemed out. He has really put a lot of thought into it (as he always does) and done lots of research on how to best convey the person he is dressing as. Now you need to understand something -- when Ben gets mind set on a costume he goes to all lengths to get the essential pieces. (Usually about 3 days prior to Halloween, but that is neither here nor there). So anyways. He finds a wig and a few other accesories that he needs from some girl on Craigslist. All week, he has been planning to meet up with this girl to pay her and get his accessories. So he talks to her this afternoon and they decide to meet tonight.

The girl sets up the meeting spot at a bar (Ben is a man, so he doesn't see through this scheme). Ben arrives at the bar at the planned time and this girl shows up with her friend! So Ben is a nice guy (and loves meeting and talking to people) so he is polite and stays to talk to them for a few minutes. He then left and met me at Mellow Mushroom for dinner. About 10 minutes after he sits down, he gets the following text message from this girl:
" Hey Ben, my friend was wondering if you're single?"

Of course he tells me about this text. I laughed. He of course responded to the girl and told her that he was married. I think she felt like a jerk because she responds with the following:
"Oh I'm so sorry!! I apologize for the text, have fun with the costume"

And I laughed of course. I'm not the jealous type. And I also happen to trust my husband (if I didn't, I couldn't have married him). But this is funny. And I think its good -- I think it is nice for him to be flattered from time to time by someone other than his wife.

2) I need some help in settling an argument. Twice recently I have bought a cupcake for Ben. (From Sweet Pockets, when I was there to buy some for myself). So then I came home and told Ben that one of the cupcakes was for him. I then ate my cupcakes. Both times, my cupcakes are gone after a day and his is still in the box. What is a cupcake lover with no self-discipline to do?
Of course I ate his.

And here is the hell of it, HE GETS ONTO ME ABOUT EATING HIS FOOD!!!!

So this begs the question : If I buy him a cupcake and he doesn't eat it within a 24 hour period, isn't it rightfully mine?

3) To the jerk who got out of his car 2 whole seconds before Ben and I tonight, rushed to the elevator, and didn't hold it for us: YOU ARE A HUGE GARY. And you're rude. Have some common courtsey dude -- if someone is walking right behind you and you know they are headed for the elevator, HOLD the damn elevator for 2 seconds and be polite to your neighbor. To put it in Ben's words "thanks for sucking"!


Josh said...

Ben meets up with two random women at a bar and you are home with a bite guard.

This comes straight out of the Dee Shew Handbook.

Rebecca said...

Ben obviously doesn't find the cupcakes irresistible. They're yours to eat at that point! I bought Wes a message for his birthday. He hasn't made the appoinment yet. Does the same rule apply?

Katie said...

Oh I certainly think the rule applies to you as well, Becky! Enjoy the massage.

BWL said...

What kind of message did you get Wes? A answering machine message? text message? post it note message?

what an awesome birthday present.

LBC said...

Since I've just discovered your blog...I'm now hooked and finding funny items to comment on:

(1) If Ben doesn't eat the cupcake within say...4hrs of said cupcake entering the house...It's fair game.

(2) Guy in Elevator - A$$hole...It seems we live with a bunch of them!