Monday, October 6, 2008

Listening Skills Are Mucho Importante

Last Sunday, Ben and I were enjoying a ground beef and pepperoni pizza at Mellow Mushroom. It was a nice night -- great weather meant we were enjoying beer, pizza, and conversation on the patio at “Mr. Mushroom”. Since it this is football season, our normal conversation usually winds its way to fantasy football and I asked Ben several questions to which he thought I should already have an answer. This leads him to make the following statement:

You never listen to the things I tell you

“Ummm … YES, actually I do listen to you. I just don’t always remember every single detail”

“NO, you don’t listen. This is fantasy football. Something that is important to me – you should absolutely know the basics of the AFS league”

“Whatever. I do listen. And I’ll prove it to you. Give me a quiz at the end of this week over things we have discussed.”

So, that was that. We agreed that we would give each other a quiz on Thursday night just to see who listens to who more. Me being the good student that I am, I really did listen to the things we talked about. I even took notes and ‘studied’ before quiz time!

When Thursday came around, we both made up a quiz that consisted of 5 questions and one bonus question. So before the test was administered, we decided upon a wager – winner earns the rights to the main TV all week long (until Thursday). Loser is also required to spend at least one hour each night watching winner’s chosen show or game.

These were the questions I was asked along with my corresponding answers:

1.) How many people are in the House of Representatives? 430 -- I realize the correct answer is 435, BUT when we discussed this he told me 430. I argued for this one and our mediators agreed that I should get credit for this question.

2.) What was my presentation on (my part) on Tuesday in Athens? Glazing, and Sheetrock. (This counted … even though I didn’t use the proper names – Drywall and Acoustical, Storefront, Glass, and Glazing.)

3.) What does CCR stand for? Credence Clearwater Revival (He did have to give me some context that this was a band)
a.) BONUS: What is my favorite song by them? Up on Cripple Creek (Actual answer was Green River. CCR doesn’t even sing Cripple Creek)

4.) Name 5 MLB playoff teams? Dodgers, Cubs, Phillies, Red Sox (I guessed at the 5th team and said Yankees. This was wrong)

5.) How do you make the AFS playoffs? Win your division or earn the wildcard spot. (This wasn’t so eloquently stated by me but I did get the answer correct)

He had 5 questions and only missed one. Since we were technically tied and I did not answer his bonus question correctly, I lost. No fun TV shows for me this week!

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EquisBuffy said...

What a brilliant idea! I'm going to have to do this with my roommate (BFF) we argue over who listens more all the time. And since we are in NFL season I have to wait two extra hours on Monday nights to watch Heroes on the main TV. The main tv is our only HDTV and I can't watch Heroes on one of the regular TV's and he can't watch the MNF game on a reg TV either. This is the only thing I dislike about the fall. LOL!