Thursday, July 23, 2009


'Yoink' is the word that Ben likes to use when you take something away from someone. For example, say we're having dessert and he reaches over and takes the last bite of my ice cream ... he would say 'yoink' and that makes it okay for him to take it from me. Or suppose you're at a crowded party and someone takes your seat after you get up. As long as the person says "yoink" its all okay. Those are the rules.

Now, you need to understand something here. The whole yoink thing really only applies to someone when they actually SEE you take something from them. Or when they are at least in earshot. Otherwise it is STEALING.

So it seems that we have a little problem in our office with someone not knowing the difference between 'yoinking' and 'stealing'. You see, we had these two cheap-o knives in the kitchen at our office for the longest time. I'm not sure whose they were originally, but someone brought them in so that people would have something to use when they needed to cut a piece of fruit or something. Then, they both went missing a few months ago. At the same time. Strange, huh? I thought so too, but really it wasn't a terribly big deal. I figured they got thrown away or something, so I went out and bought a new one and brought it into the office. It wasn't expensive, but it was a GREAT knife and I used it all the time to cut my apples and stuff. Then, a few weeks ago ... it went missing.


Theeeeennnnn, someone in our office brought in a bunch of coffee filters that she had bought for use in the office. A week later, they were gone as well.

What gives? I mean none of this stuff is really anything of any consequence. And it isn't like someone is stealing from any one person. Just taking things that aren't theirs. And it is really frustrating. Have you ever had a problem with an office klepto? What did you do about it?

(For the record, we don't really know who the klepto is, BUT it is a small company so its fairly easy to do the whole process of elimination thing. As I said earlier, the things that are stolen are inconsequential things but still it is stealing and it is bothersome. And also for the record, I've put several little booby traps throughout the office for the taking. We'll see what happens)


Kimberly said...

Good luck with your traps...keep us updated!

Anonymous said...

Maybe its a leprechauan.

"Who all has seen the leprechaun say yeah."


EquisBuffy said...

We always have someone stealing other people’s food. What is that about? Knowing damn well someone brought that bag of lunch with the full intention of eating it and then someone just helps themselves to it. So rude!

Tara said...

do you have a cleaning crew? we had a cleaning crew that was stealing things in our office...silly things like paper towels, toilet paper, trash bags, etc...but stealing none the less. just a thought.