Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Tuesday Randomness

I've been slacking on the ole' blogarino lately -- mostly just because I haven't really had any inspiration to blog about one particular topic. And then I feel torn because on one hand I absolutley can't stand it when my favorite bloggers don't update regularly and on the other I hate when people blog just to blog. (You really can tell a difference). So I don't know .... I guess I just need to write for myself, and whenever I feel like it. But thats so hard for many, many, many reasons. Anyway. I don't feel like going into that rant right at the moment.

I have a lot of thoughts going through my head today, none of which are worthy of a full blog post so here is some randomness for you:

1) I'm going to the topping out party at the church Ben is building on Thursday and don't have a clue what to wear. The event is obviously at a construction site, so that is where the problem comes in -- see, I have to wear something 'professional' looking but the majority of my work clothes require me to wear heels. I could wear a skirt with flats or something, but then I think I'd really look like a fish out of water at a construction site wearing a skirt. I guess I can do capri pants, but the more I think about it I don't really have very many work-appropriate shoes that are not heels .... so ... any suggestions? In fact, anyone just want to come look in my closet and pick out an outfit for me?

2) My favorite thing about summertime, more specificially, late summer is the fact that its Peach season!! We have this great orchard near our lake house and my parents usually make a point to go over there each weekend to get fresh peaches. Anyway, I had a bunch here at my house that needed to be used, so I made the BEST peach-blueberry cobbler last night. I ate half of it by myself and will probably eat the other half tonight.

3) We're leaving for vacay in a few weeks and I've got to be honest --- that is the only thing I can really think about right now! I can't wait. I've spent so much time researching resturants, things to do, etc. Its a little pathetic but luckilly Ben is just going with it.

4) Its no secret that I LOVE cupcakes. I have a hard time passing by a bakery without stopping in to buy one (or several) so I've decided that I'm going to do a cupcake tour of Atlanta. It seems like I'm always hearing about a new cupcakery around town, so I've decided that I need to start trying them all out. I'll have to spread out the tour over several months I think, mostly because of time and diet constraints. Anyways, stay tuned for that.

5) I love Katherine Heigl's new hair. Anyone else? OH! And I just heard on Regis & Kelly that she's back on Grey's for the whole season.

Sorry for the random/forced post. Hopefully I'll get inspired at some point to actually make an effort to blog.


Josh said...

1) You should wear steel toed boots like your mom.

2)I love Peach Season too...

3)This is your chance to be a good "tour manager."

4)Hostest Cupcakes still rank in the top 5 and always will.

5)She's dead. Don't be rough

Wes said...

You should wear whatever you wear to work to the topping out party. At every topping out party we go to, a lot of office people that never set foot on site are there. They wear normal work clothes. Whatever you do, make it sexy without being unprofessional. Just doing Longmire a favor by telling you without him having to say it. You want your coworkers to be impressed, but not creepy.

Also, make sure you tell CMR to eat crap, and see you in November for part 2.

EquisBuffy said...

#2 & #4 - I love both of these the same as you. There is a small town where I live that has a peach festival, yummy!!

#5 - I was surprised to hear she actually tried to talk TR Knight from quitting. I thought they were both goners for sure.