Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Cha-Cha-Cha CHIA!!!

First, I'd like to tell everyone thanks for your comments on my post yesterday! I blog for my own entertainment, obviously, but I'd be lying if I said I didn't get just a teeny tiny bit of gratification from people reading and commenting.

So I saw this commercial tonight while I was watching the ultimate trainwreck ... I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant. The one story I watched tonight was a woman who already had 3 children. Her boyfriend was out of town for the weekend and my girl started having abdominal and lower back pains. She screamed throughout the night and the pain was so awful the next morning that all she could do was lay on her bedroom floor and scream. Finally her 10 year old son woke up and came into her room where she instructed him to call 911. He did, and came back in to the room to find his mother on the floor with a baby. SHE DELIVERED A BABY!!! How do you think that 10 year old felt when he walked into the room to find his mother had just birthed a child? Poor dude is probably pretty messed up for life. And what about the boyfriend when he walked in from his business trip to find a brand new baby in the house? I can't make this shit up!

Oops! I think I got off topic there. Where was I? Oh. The commercial. So yeah, I saw this chia pet commercial. I guess I should start by asking a few questions.

1) weren't those a big huge thing in like 1999?
2) were they actually even 'popular' ... i thought they were more of a white elephant type gift?

Anyway, the ole' Chia pet is back and badder than ever.
No, you are not seeing things ... there is now an Obama Chia pet.


I need to know who buys these things?

I mean, I can kindof understand buying an Obama bumper sticker or t-shirt if you're a fan but why would you want an Obama chia pet?

I really don't have the time or energy to get into a full-on rant about this, but I really do need to know why someone would ever be inclined to buy something so asinine?

*** Update: Ben just came home and I re-winded my DVR to show him the commercial. Apparently they've been out for quite a while now.


Accidentally Me said...

This really makes me want to sing "O-O-O-Obama" to the Chia Pet tune...

And there any chance that she didn't really know she was pregnant? Sounds to me like she knew the boyfriend would bolt if he knew, and she was hoping that the actual child would keep him around more than the idea of one.

Kimberly said...

I know they were back but I have NO clue who would buys them. The Obama one I had NO idea about. That is just plain crazy! I would LOVE to know who would buy this.

Oh and the whole show you are watching. I think that is almost as crazy as the Obama Chia. I have never seen the show but WHO in the world can not know they are prego? I do not believe that for one second.

Erin said...

What channel/time does this show come on? I've got to see this.

The Obama chia pet is plain gross.

Katie said...

AM - yeah I was singing the same thing this morning while I drove to work!

Kimmie - me too. somehow i think nobody would actually admit to owning one though

Erin - TLC, Wednesday nights, 9:00. it is a must see

Becky said...

Well I guess I should return your early b-day present I got...

Team Thompson said...

You can see what grows faster....our national debt or the hair on his head.

Megan said...

or the babies in in these girls' tummy!
my bets are on the national debt!
erin - i am with you - i have got to start watching this - although it sounds like one of those shows that will really annoy me b/c i just don't believe anyone is THAT dumb and they are probably hills. (which i still watch religiously)