Friday, July 31, 2009

Shape-ups ... Get In Shape Without the Gym!!!

I love DSW! They really have the BEST selection of shoes and its almost impossible for me to go into one of their stores without finding something that I like (or that i "need"). I also somehow got on their e-mail list and they send me updates on their latest specials, or whatever. I rarely ever open emails like this from companies that I know just want to sell me something, but I do open DSW's because they usually have pictures of cute shoes in the latest styles.

Sadly, today, that wasn't the case. I opened the e-mail to find this picture:
(sorry, I can't get the photos to fuse together)

WOW. There are so many problems with this picture that I don't really know where to even begin.

For one thing, these shoes are absolutely hideous. (I am very sorry if you own a pair and I have offended you. You probably don't like everything that I wear, so let's call it even?) I find it hard to believe that anyone would actually buy and wear these shoes but if you do I'd have to suggest you go for the grey ones as they are the least obnoxious of the three. Secondly, are these things even comfortable? Where I come from you wear sneakers for two reasons: comfort and/or athletic activities. I highly doubt these bad boys are comfortable with those wedges so you certainly wouldn't be donning them for a workout. And as for the whole "skip the gym and just wear these shoes" ... that is asinine! Mainly because isn't that one of the major problems with Americans? Aren't we like the most obese country in the world? With things like this it is really no wonder. I hate to work out probably more than anyone, but even I wouldn't fall for this. Maybe I would believe that these shoes improve your posture (as stated in the picture) but the reality is the ONLY way to lose wieght and tone your muscles is by exercise.

FAIL, Sketchers. And FAIL, DSW for featuring these heinous shoes in your weekly email. Do better next time. How about a nice fall bootie? Or a pump? Even a ballet flat ... just don't try to trick me into buying any awful looking shoes!!


Erin said...

I already have trouble walking or just standing up without falling down. These are an accident waiting to happen.

SoMi's Nilsa said...

It looks like Sketchers is copying MBTs. Look them up. The shoes are hideously ugly - I'll admit that. But, they supposedly change lives. I kid you not. In the gym where I used to work, a number of people owned MBTs (they cost over $250 for a pair). They SWORE by them. Changed their lives. Basically, they force you to keep your form as you walk. Turns walking into a whole new workout. So, yes on the fugly, but definitely don't knock the real ones until you learn more and maybe even try them. Now, when I see the MBTs, I get a little envious I don't have a pair of my own.

EquisBuffy said...

What I would like to know is if your posture goes back to crap when you take the shoes off? If not I have a friend that could really use these.