Thursday, February 5, 2009

Ethical Dilemma

I've fumbled around all week trying to think of something to blog about. I was going to tell you all about how i de-cluttered our condo this past weekend but then decided that is probably not very interesting. Then I was going to tell you about the greatness that is a Philly Taco but that just made me hungry. I thought about talking about the recession but that is d*pr*ssing. (I can't type out that whole word, because several people have googled that word and found my blog ... oops!)

However, I was just paying some bills a few minutes ago and thought about something that you can all probably relate to. Charity Labels.

Yes, you know what I am talking about. We all get them from time to time -- cute little labels along with a letter requesting that we donate to some charity. Happened to me just last week. I usually don't open anything that I deem to be junk mail, but for whatever reason I opened this one. Immediately after opening the package, I was faced with a moral dilemma. The angel and devil started talking on my shoulders ... you know how that goes!

I'll probably get blasted for this, but I ended up keeping the labels. The devil on my left shoulder won out with quite a compelling argument. Because St. Jude sent the labels without my asking them to, they are a gift and I do not owe the charity. It would be wasteful to throw the labels away or send them back as they could not use them. Furthermore, St. Jude is attempting to guilt me into sending money to them by sending me gifts. They should be ashamed of themselves, really. (I thought that was a fine point)

What do you do with charity labels you receive in the mail? Do you keep and use them? Do you send money? Do you throw them out?


Sarah said...

I keep them. I don't like to throw away things that I know I will use or will need to buy in the future - too wasteful for me. I would feel twice as bad for ignoring the charity solicitation plus wasting perfectly good labels.

I also tell myself that I'm doing a tiny bit of good by putting the charity's label on the envelope - a miniscule amount of free advertising. Lame justification, I know. :)

Mary Beth said...

I also keep them and use them. I think of it as they have already spent the money and me throwing it away doesnt do anything to help.

Carrie Adams said...

I use them too. Adpi sends me a ton each year. However, they already got way too much of my money in college, so I'm sure I've paid for the labels a thousand times over by now.

EquisBuffy said...

I put them on all my scrapbooking supplies so when I'm scrappin with friends my stuff doesn't get mixed up with theirs. And I never felt guilty till I read this post. Thanks! ;)