Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Wii Fit Yoga

I really am trying to get into an exercise routine. I am not terribly picky about what type of exercise as long as I'm doing something active that will challenge me in some way. In the spring and summer, its pretty easy because I actually enjoy taking walks and attempting to run. It isn't so easy for me in the winter. I should probably join a gym, but quite frankly that will make it seem even more chore like to me. I aim to spend about 30-45 minutes per 'session' and if I joined a gym I would just have to factor in drive time and class schedules. So basically, I'd be taking something that I can do in under an hour and turn it into a 1.5-2 hour ordeal. I struggle to find time to exercise as it is, so making my routine a 2 hour thing just isn't in the cards.

Since its winter, and I consider any weather under 65 and sunny inclement, I have recently turned to my trusty Wii Fit for my daily exercise. I really love the fact that I can get a workout from the comfort of my living room, but that I get guidance and interaction from the balance board. While I know the Wii feedback isn't as accurate as an actual instructor or trainer, I do feel that it is a step up from using a DVD instructor.

Until yesterday, I always varied my workout routine. I usually tried to do about 30% cardio, 30% strength training, and 30% yoga. I've never felt that it was the best workout I could possibly have, but I knew it was better than nothing. I don't really use any of the balance games exercises for exercises -- those are really just for fun.

I changed it up a little bit yesterday though and just did the Yoga routine. I've unlocked all of the poses, so I just figured I'd do each of them and see how I felt afterward. I honestly didn't feel like I was getting much exercise while doing the yoga, probably because it is all low impact. While some of the poses were a challenge for me, I just didn't see how they could help me tone up my muscles. I completed each pose once and contemplated spending a little more time afterward doing some strength training but didn't. I just ran out of time and gave up.

This morning though, I woke up sore!! Really ... all the major muscles in my body are tired and a little sore. I think I'll step it up next time and do some of the poses more than once (especially the ones that tend to be more difficult), but overall I actually think it was a decent workout. I know I need to get back into the cardio routine and I will, but for a mid-week workout, this yoga thing might actually be beneficial.

Starting next week, I'm cutting out all desserts. No candy, no cupcakes, no ice cream, nothing! Last time I did that for about a month, I actually lost a few pounds. I don't know which thing I hate more : giving up desserts or exercising.


Harrison Philip Slye said...

Once again, Monday morning i told myself i was giving up sweets until a party i am hosting on the 7th, and by noon i was eating a cupcake. i wish i could burn my taste buds off! if you figure out the secret, let me know. i feel like oprah!

Becky said...

Is that picture what Wii says you look like or just a printed picture? Cute!

Katie said...

Aubrey - I'm impressed you made it until noon. I'll probably last about 5 minutes before I re-define my definition of sweets.

Becky - No, its a picture I found on the internetz. My yoga isn't nearly that pretty.