Tuesday, February 10, 2009

February Faves

I think my last few posts were a little too negative, so I'll change gears. Even if it is just for a few days :)

I want to report on some of my recent finds. Usually I try to stick to drugstore items, but not this time.

Jergens Ultra Healing moisturizer - I realize that I usually have some type of lotion or moisturizer on my "favorites" posts, but its wintertime and that means that I use a ton of it. Each type of lotion that I write about serves a different purpose and is used at different times of the day. This particular lotion is something I use while at work because I wash my hands so frequently. It does a great job of combating the winter dryness and is light enough that you can apply it several times each day.

Mr. Clean with Febreze - I can't take credit for this find since my sister and my mom introduced me to it but I can say that I've bought it and it is fabulous. I mainly use it for cleaning my kitchen countertops. They have to be wiped down daily, and this is a good way to get your counters clean and kitchen smelling nice after cooking.

The Show Cabernet Sauvignon - This is a wine that I had tried before and just recently re-discovered it. You can easily find this in most grocery stores for about $12. Because it is an affordable, everyday wine we tend to drink a few bottles each week. I'm not a connesiuer so, I'll borrow the tasting notes from WineCentric

Dark night-red color with black fruit and mocha on the nose. Cocoa and chocolate take the forefront and dominate the finish. Cherry, vanilla and bitter tannins lurk underneath. Smooths out after breathing and becomes a rich, lush wine with considerable muscle.

Philly Tacos - These are maybe the best things ever invented! Think of a philly cheesesteak but in taco form. And then make it better. Sorry, but I don't have a picture that can do these little bites of heaven justice. However, be on the lookout for these gems at any taqueria near you. My favorite are Taqueria del Sol and Taqueria los Hermanos. They both have excellent Philly tacos.

And now, to keep this fair I'll list the things that I HATE:

Yup, I'm still having problems with them. They suck. Enough said.


Josh said...

You know what you should put under your hates? Time Travel because it's not possible.

Becky said...

I love it when you do these posts. Wes and I tried The Show and we are now big fans. Also, I've been trying the Extra Fruit Sensations gum you mentioned on an earlier post. Most of the flavors are awesome, but I would stay away from the Island Cooler flavor. It tastes like what sweaty arm pits would taste like. I think.

EquisBuffy said...

The wine sounds yummy. Unfortunately they do not sell wine in the grocery stores so I'll have to check out the neighborhood liquor store. I think I'll pick up a bottle for the weekend. Thanks for the suggestions these are always my favorite posts.

Carrie Adams said...

I absolutely love Curel Extra Moisturizing Lotion. It makes your skin on your elbows like a baby's bottom!