Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Valentine's Weekend

Do you ever have such a busy weekend that it makes you tired for several days into the following week? I certainly do and therefore I am stee-rugglin' this week. I seriously almost fell asleep on my way to work this morning. I'm currently on my second cup of coffee and will probably require a third shot of caffeine before 9am. Is this what happens to your body when you get old?

Now for the recap of my ever-so-busy weekend. I know you are all dying to read about it!

Friday night was a birthday celebration for Carrie, Josh, and Tara. (That is alphabetical order, Josh ... don't be rough that you weren't listed first!) We had dinner at Zucca and then went next door to Vintage Tavern afterward. It was a fun, but very late, night!

Happy Birthday Carrie and Josh!

Carrie, Tara, Erin, Me
Happy Birthday Carrie and Tara!

Saturday morning we got up and got ready for a Valentine's Day tea hosted by Becky and her mom. They worked so hard to make everything festive and perfect and the food was excellent!

Me and Mom at the Tea

Becca (with Emi Grace), Audra, Carrie, Becky, Me, Erin

After the tea, we had just enough time to rest up for another big, eventful evening! We had a big group of people meet at Manuel's for dinner and then went to the Robert Earl Keen show at Variety Playhouse. REK was awesome! I haven't seen him live in several years, so I was glad that we finally were able to go see him this time.

Ben and I at Manuel's before the concert

Keri, Carrie, Becky, Erin

Robert Earl Keen

We got up Sunday morning and went to breakfast with some friends and then I went up to visit Ellie for the afternoon. She was very happy all day long and smiled and talked to me a lot. It was nice to see her during the day because at night is usually when she has her fussy time. I usually see her after work in the evenings, so I've experienced my share of fussy time! Anyway, we had a great day together and I took several cute pictures!

Hey Mr. Cow! You're my best friend!!

Don't mug on me Mr. Cow ... you made me sad :(

I'm going to DC this weekend so I'll have another fun recap with pictures for you next week! I am really having a difficult time packing though. I was told to layer during the day when we'll be out doing touristy stuff. The problem is that I really don't know how to layer!! Anyone have any tips? I know to wear leggings under my jeans, but as far as the top part of my outfit goes, how do I layer?

Oh, and by the way ... my retainers came in. I'm so allsome and I'm sure you are all jealous!

There are no words. I feel like I'm 13 again!!


Josh said...

Go to your kitchen and cut an onion. Onions have layers just like Ogres have layers...

If that doesn't work just put a bunch of onions on yourself.

Lesley said...

Those are hot...the green is so you! :)

BWL said...

awesome husband part of the weekend gets left out per usual


Katie said...

Josh - That doesn't even make sense.

Lesley - The dental assistant pushed me to get a color. I assumed they would just do clear since I'm NOT TWELVE. She really was disappointed when I didn't want a design.

Ben - SORRY!! Your lilies were awesome and I'm going to blog about our trip to the Aquarium.