Thursday, February 5, 2009

Katie v. Dish Network

Warning: I am EXTREMELY fed up with Dish Network. Furious. Over them. Because of my extreme frustration, I realize that this post probably will not entertain anyone. My sole motive with this post is to vent.

My problems with Dish started about a month ago. To summarize the back story, I had various problems with my DVR deleting mysteriously and the picture quality on my TV. I also had problems with the 2nd TV channel changing, but that was a remote frequency issue and is now fixed (by one of my friends … no thanks to Dish Network).

After enduring these problems for a few days, I finally called Dish. It was glaringly obvious that the technician I spoke with was simply following various prompts on her computer screen. She could not give me a clear answer as to why my recorded programs deleted, and her solution was that my receiver must be broken and she’d send me a new one. Really, Dish? Is that how you’ve trained your technicians? I honestly think this particular technician had simply run out of computer prompts and this was her idea of a resolution.

Whatever. The new receiver finally comes and I carve out a block of time and begin installing it. Of course, I get through the first few steps and am almost at the step of activating my receiver when a warning message pops up on my screen. (I had followed the instructions very closely, this was not an error on my end.)

The warning message popped up and I didn’t see anything in the instillation instructions about how to get around it so I was forced to call the rocket scientists over at Dish again.
Their advice? “Unplug the receiver for 20 seconds and then plug it back in” We tried that a number of times before she finally reached the conclusion that the new receiver wasn’t working. She put me on hold and went to her supervisor. Supervisor determined that the 2nd receiver they sent to me was not working and that they should send me a “different type”. I was frustrated and expressed that but finally said okay. Then she told me that I would be without cable until my new receiver arrived.

I ended up hooking my old receiver back up and luckily, it was still working so I didn’t end up having to go without cable. That was a good thing because it took a whole week to get this “new, upgraded” receiver.

Once we get it, I pull out the Dish user’s guide and begin to install my new receiver. Fortunately, this was a functional receiver and I got through the installation process successfully. I was soooo happy! I thought finally my problems were solved.


I waited for a while for the guide to complete downloading and realize that I am unable to access my DVR. Strange. I thought maybe this was still downloading, so I decided that maybe the morons over at Dish Network could ease my mind somehow. And I call. Then, they explain to me that the receiver they sent …


Oh my hell!! ARE YOU KIDDING ME?

So, eventually I hooked back up my old receiver (the one that was supposedly broken in the first place) and mail the new piece of shit back to Dish.

Things still aren’t working like they should and I’m just over it.

So, a word to the wise: If you are considering Satellite TV, do not sign a contract with Dish Network because they are beyond terrible.


Vicki said...

Did you ever see the story about the elderly lady who went to the offices of Comcast and smashed their computers with a hammer? She's my hero. Her husband even bought her a 14K gold hammer lapel pin to commemorate the occasion. I feel your pain, and am still trying to get over my post traumatic stress disorder from my own experience with my provider, thus will not share my story. Too painful... Good luck!

EquisBuffy said...

They pretty much all bite the big one but I have heard more complaints about Dish Network more than any other carrier.

ashkindred said...

I am seriously behind, but I've awarded you with a special reward on my blog. ;)