Tuesday, February 24, 2009

DC Weekend

This past weekend Carrie, Erin, and I took a little trip up to Washington DC to visit Tracey. She moved up there this past summer so this trip was long overdue. The three of us took Friday off from work so that we could fly up there Thursday night. When we arrived, Tracey picked us up from the airport and brought us to her house where she had a fresh baked apple pie, cookies, and wine waiting on us! (We all love food, so this weekend was off to a great start already) We watched Grey's Anatomy and chatted for a while before getting some rest for our big day Friday.

Unfortunately, Tracey had to work on Friday so the three of us had decided to do all the touristy stuff during the day. Erin has a friend from law school up there, so he was nice enough to serve as our tour guide/picture taker for the day. We were prepared for cold, but I don't think I realized just how cold it was going to be. On our way to the National Museum of American History, we of course saw the Capitol and the Washington monument and took the requisite pictures. We spent quite a bit of time in the museum and then decided it was time for lunch. We walked up towards the White House to eat at the Old Ebbitt Grill, which was fantastic! I really wish I had taken food pictures since I ate the whole city, but oh well. Suffice it to say I think I gained a couple lbs! We finished off the day walking by the White House, and visiting all the memorials (WWII, Korea, Vietnam, Lincoln) and then took a LONG walk in the cold to a fabulous Gelato shop. Just what you need after a day in the freezing cold, right?

Erin, Me, Carrie

Me, Carrie, Erin in front of the White House

Kyle and Erin

That night, we went to dinner at a cute little Mexican place near Tracey's apartment and enjoyed a nice dinner accompanied by several margaritas and a few Pacificos. Then we went to a bar in her neighborhood to have drinks with Kyle and some of his friends. We ended up staying out a little too late, but it was worth it for such a fun night!

Erin, Carrie, and Tracey at Cactus

Saturday morning, we woke up and drove out to Alexandria, VA for brunch/lunch. It was such a cute little town and we walked around the shops for a few minutes before and after lunch. After we ate, we headed back into DC to go to the National Archives museum so that we could see the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. Seeing all that made me realize that:
a) I need a history refresher course
b) I need to re-watch John Adams

Tracey, Me, Erin on the Waterfront in Alexandria

We were all pretty tired after another long day, so we drove down Embassy Row and went back to Tracey's to relax a little bit before dinner. We rested, got dressed, had appetizers and wine and then headed out to a tapas place called Bodega. Mmmm, tapas! Now I'm hungry again! After that, we went out for a few more drinks then headed back to T's for the night. I think the plan was to stay up and watch some Oscar stuff, but we were all pretty tired.

We got up Sunday and had brunch at Martin's in Georgetown. I tried something new ... tell me this doesn't sound delish/fattening:

MARTIN'S DELIGHT…OUR OWN “HOT BROWN” - Sliced roasted turkey on toast smothered in our homemade rarebit sauce topped with sliced tomato, parmesan cheese and bacon. Broiled in a skillet

It was every bit as good as it sounds! After lunch we did a little shopping in the area and came thisclose to a celebrity sighting! While we were in Anthropoligie all the sales clerks were buzzing about how Arnold Schwartzenager (did I spell that correctly ... I swear I didn't even look that up) had just walked into J Crew. Of course we went in there looking for him, but we were too late. Oh well! We finished up the trip with a visit to Georgetown Cupcake. Oh so delicious!

Carrie and I with our cupcakes
I came home Sunday night to a sick BWL. So sick that I had to leave work on Monday to take him to the doctor :(


Josh said...

Box of crayola

SoMi's Nilsa said...

Weekends with your besties are the best. Sounds like you had a great time!

Erin said...

Such a fun weekend. Thanks to Tracey and Kyle for being excellent hosts. Can't wait to visit again.

Team Thompson said...

Any truth that if you hang out by the White House you can get a bailout?