Friday, January 9, 2009


  • I am so darn happy that today is Friday!
  • It makes me laugh when I talk to some of our customers on the telephone and they have American music blaring. (Most of our customers are Indians)
  • I think that an ideal first date would not take place at a chain restaurant. This is something that has been heavily debated this week amongst some of my friends.
  • I am angry with the Braves for letting Smoltz go over a few million dollars. But the more I read arguments for the Braves, I can understand their rationale.
  • I have this calendar in my office that makes me angry every time I look at it.
  • I think I'll take it down and put my new one up.
  • If you are actually reading this post, you must think I'm pretty lame.
  • I have not worked out since before Christmas and doubt I'll start next week.
  • Ben finally shaved off his beard today! Yaay!
  • I love the shoes that I'm wearing today but I'm afraid they're going to cause a broken ankle.
  • I did not watch the National Championship game last night but did thoroughly enjoy watching Grey's Anatomy!
  • I'm bored with this so I know you have to be. Thanks for sticking with me.
What are your random thoughts today? I know I'm not the only weirdo who has them.


Erin said...

McSteamy and Callie were cracking me up on Greys last night. But I'm really tired of the Denny storyline. It's getting retarded.

BWL said...

the braves rationale is stupid

the beard will return

Josh said...

First Dates can be debated forever

EquisBuffy said...

There needs to be a playoff system with College Football. Utes #1.