Thursday, January 22, 2009

Polyvore Challenge

First of all, sorry I have been absent for the last few days. My internet has been out at home so I really haven't been able to. Internet is still out, so I'm blogging from work. (Hope you aren't reading this dad :) If you are though, I promise not to spend toooo much time on this!

Does everyone know what the website Polyvore is? If you don't, you really need to check it out. It is a fun place to play and create outfits. I think you can even do interior design and artsy stuff as well. Anyway, back to the point. Becky created a new game using Polyvore. Each day, we give each other a scenario and rules and we have to create outfits accordingly.

Day 1
Becky's challenge to me: You are to create an outfit that you would wear on the Vegas strip at 9pm. The weather is nice ... about 75 degrees or so and at least one article or accessory must be silver.

Silver Challenge
Silver Challenge - by katielady on

My challenge to Becky: You are going to a Tennessee football game and want to wear orange, but you want to also look cute and not like an obnoxious TN fan.

Untitled - by fatbecky on

Day 2
Becky's challenge to me: You have an interview with a law firm in Chicago. It is the middle of winter and freezing cold, and your interview is taking place over drinks at a martini bar. (Second interview)

Chicago Challenge
Chicago Challenge - by katielady on

My challenge to Becky: You are on a romantic vacation in Venice with Wes (her husband). It is the middle of summer there and ridiculously hot ... high 80's. You have a day jam packed with activities and want to dress cute but in something that will keep you cool. The catch is that you are going to see St. Mark's Basilica so your knees and shoulders must be covered.

Click here for the link.... I'm having trouble embedding the image for some reason.

Day 3
We changed the rules slightly on Day 3. There will only be one challenge/day and we will each create an outfit. Today was Becky's day to select the challenge.

Challenge: Your mother in law gave you this sweater for Christmas. (No offense to MILs out there .... this is just a game!) She then requested that you wear it to church with her the next day but you know that you will see many of your friends there. You have to wear the sweater but you try to look as cute as possible.

MIL Sweater
MIL Sweater - by katielady on

Mother-In-Law Sweater
Mother-In-Law Sweater - by fatbecky on

Today's challenge: You are going to Miami for a short trip. You will fly down there on a Friday and go straight from the airport to dinner and clubs in South Beach. The next day you will be shopping, lunching, and relaxing before your flight home. Create TWO outfits for this trip and you cannot spend more than $200. You also cannot repeat more than 2 items.

Stay tuned for results! And if you want to play, let me know!


Josh said...

I have a challenge for yall.

You are going on a date with Dee Shew. The date consists of a trip to the gym, a trip to the tanning salon, a trip to "Heaven"

You can only spend $19.95

What do you buy?

Anonymous said...

What kind of outfit do you wear if you are going to see the Notorious B.I.G. premiere?

Erin said...

This is your best post ever. I am dying laughing. I LOVE this game.

Rebecca said...

You can play Erin! But I don't know if your firm will let you bill the hours spent on Polyvore...

EquisBuffy said...

How fun! Love the mother-in-law sweater.