Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Rabbit Food

Ugh! I'm so sick of it already ....

I haven't been working out. Since Thanksgiving. I just can't get motivated, so I figured that I'd watch what I ate this week in an effort not to feel so terrible for not working out. I should tell you that I also planned to work out this week but so far i'm 0 for 2. (Converting this to baseball statistics: that is a BAD batting average).

I put myself on a salad diet this week. I've actually done pretty well with that thus far. I do eat cereal for breakfast (multi-grain) and usually a skittle or two during the day, but for lunch and dinner its just salad. See, the problem here is that I'm ALREADY BORED with the damn salad.

All I can think about is spaghetti and meatballs, pizza, dessert, chicken biscuits, fried chicken, hamburgers, tacos, .... You get the picture?

I'm going to do the salad thing until Thursday night, but come Friday I'm a free woman!

P.S. Anyone watching 90210 right now? WTF is up with the Annie and Ethan having the fire on in Palm Springs? Was the whole episode not about being in the middle of a heat wave?


Erin said...

Regarding 90210 - this is a little off topic but I saw your post on someone else's topic, and I agree - I totally loved Silver's swimsuit that she wore to the beach party.

Erin said...

I meant "on someone else's blog"

EquisBuffy said...

LMAO, I totally didn't notice the fireplace. Very observant. Your post made me hungry so now I'm making a Chicken n Biscuit casserole for dinner.

Katie said...

Erin - I knew what you meant :) I want that swimsuit but I probably need to continue starving myself in order to make it look good on me.

EquisBuffy - I've never heard of that before, but I must try it! Will you email me the recipe? katherineburkett@gmail.com