Thursday, January 15, 2009

No, I'm not Goth. Or Depressed. Just a Realist

I realize that last post may have been a little rough. Sorry! I was only venting. That is the thing with this blog, sometimes when I haven't written in a while and something just hits me so I decide to write a post about it. I don't put tons of thought into the things I write here .... usually they are just things that pop into my mind.

Soooooo .... just to prove I'm not all "dark and twisty" (Grey's Anatomy reference), let's have some fun!! I have just discovered polyvore and it is GREAT! So, I put together a few outfits on a whim. These are the types of outfits that I would normally throw together for work.

yum! by katielady

I love this dress -- it is so me. And yellow is one of my favorite colors so that bag is a no-brainer. I probably wouldn't necessarily spend the money on Alexander McQueen shoes, but I do love them.

fun by katielady

Okay, I have tights this color and I ALWAYS struggle to wear them. I'm just not sure how to do it. I personally think this is a cute look, but I'm not quite sure about the bag. I mean I love it, but I'm just not sure it flows well with the ensemble. I didn't spend a lot of time looking for one, but I really think it best to use a non-black bag here. What are your thoughts?


EquisBuffy said...

How cool is this site? I'd never heard of it before. Loved your picks. I have a hard time putting brown and black together but they are both neutrals and are technically suppose to work together.

BWL said...

first outfit is definitely you....i love that one (except for the awful square toed shoes)

second outfit you pretty much already have give or take accessories...can't hook with that brown hand bag with that outfit in my opinion

(which is worthless i know)

Harrison Philip Slye said...

so cute! you like your solids! next time do a print! and, i don't like the brown bag - too heavy for the already heavy jacket and dress. keep posting outfits.