Saturday, January 3, 2009

New Year's Eve

When we found out that Tech was going to play in the Chick-fil-A bowl, our New Year's Eve plans were automatically decided. This was the easiest NYE decision in my life! (I usually hate NYE for this reason -- nobody knows what to do and it is hard to find something really exciting to do). So anyway, a group of us got tickets for the game.

We smartly hired transportation for the night since years past have proved to us that it is impossible to find a cab downtown on NYE. While we waited for our drivers to arrive a group of us met up at McCray's to have a few drinks before the tailgate.

We paid the little brother of one of our friends to stay sober and drive us to/from the game and we hired another driver off Craigslist. This other driver wasn't a taxi or anything, just someone who is a personal trainer and happened to have a van that could seat 6 people. I was convinced that the guy a) wouldn't show b) would show up and abduct us c) would take us to the game and then never pick us back up.

Imagine my surprise when

HE SHOWED UP! And even better he wasn't driving an abduction van, so I felt like our chances of surviving the ride were pretty good!

Sure enough, Concrete Fitness man got us down to the Dome without incident and we tailgated with some other friends at the Bud bus. Outside. In the COLD!!

Eventually it was time to go inside, get warm, and cheer the Jackets to victory.

Well, as evidenced by the photo below, the whole part about cheering the Jackets to victory didn't quite work out.

The game got so bad that Tech fans actually started flying paper airplanes down to the field from their seats. (Insert Tech dork joke here). We eventually decided that we were just going to make ourselves miserable sitting at the game and decided to call our drivers and go out to the bar instead of watching the rest of the game.

We waited outside the dome (in the cold) for a few minutes before our driver arrived. Some rent-a-cop didn't really like our pre-designated meeting place and tried to tell the driver not to stop there. Of course we ingored the rent-a-cop and got into the van as quickly as possible. She wasn't too happy and tried to stand in front of the van to stop us from driving away! Whatever. Don't question the authority of a rent-a-cop, I guess.

Our group grew a little during the game and about 15 of us ended up at Vintage Tavern after the game. We stayed there way too late, drank a few too many beers and had a great time in general.

I'm glossing over the stories from Vintage Tavern a little bit. Suffice it to say that by the end of the night a few people in our group were knee-walking drunk, one person was attacked in the bathroom, a few people left with the wrong coats, one had a coat stolen, and one person walked several miles home to their apartment.

It ended up that 6 people other than Ben and myself came back to my house to stay for the night. SIX PEOPLE!!! All beds, couches, air mattresses, and floor space was accounted for. Just so you can get a vague idea of what this looked like here is a picture from the next morning.

Of these 6 crashers, 3 of them threw up in my guest bathroom the next day. No names mentioned though :)
Happy New Year!!


Nilsa said...

One of my favorite NYE memories is when UNC played Auburn in the Peach Bowl (I refuse to succumb to the stupid name change - dumb corporate sponsorships - ha). Anyway, we stayed in the hotel where the team was playing, so after the game everyone headed back to the hotel to reunite with old friends and wait for the team to return. (Unlike your experience, our team won, so it was fun to cheer for them upon their return). Again, easy plans, little fuss, lots of fun.

Kimberly said...

Loved this post! Looks like you guys had a good time! I'm glad your ride showed up.

Ellie wants to know when you are coming to visit her again.

Carrie Adams said...

Why didn't someone tell me I looked like the female version of Mister Rogers in that sweater?

Ross said...

the picture from your living room is excellent.

ashkindred said...

damn! good times!!