Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The Power of Negative Thinking

I am not an optimist. If you know me, you know that well. I have always preferred to expect the negative and be happy if things work out to the contrary. I think I started taking this approach to life in middle school when I was trying out for the 9th grade cheerleading squad. I worked my butt off every single day and told all of my friends that there was no way on earth I would make the team. Then I did. While I was cheering my way through high school, I would constantly say "oh we won't win this game" and many times we would. When I told people that I had applied to Georgia Tech for college I made sure to qualify it with "but I'm sure I won't get accepted". Of course I did. Then once I was in college, I would go to class, pay attention, take notes, study and do all of the right things that most college students did not. Regardless, I would come out of every test stating that I had failed. Very rarely did I actually fail.

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So you get the picture, right? I'm a Negative Nelly. A pessimist. Debbie Downer. Whatever you want to call me, you're probably correct. My friends and family will tell you that I take this to the extreme, and I will admit that there is some truth to this. However, my negative attitude has served me pretty well thus far and I have no plans to change it.

Now that you have that background, I'll get to the point of this post. Sometimes positive thinking just PISSES ME OFF. Like really, makes me madder than hell. While I am happy to admit that I am usually overly negative, there are times when I am not exaggerating. There are times when I need people to not be so damn positive. Because you know what I think when someone is positive all the time? I think they are liars. I think they are sheltered. I think they are clueless.

So, all you positive thinkers out there .... take a lesson from a pessimist. Sometimes things aren't all that great and it is okay to admit to that. Occasionally you need to complain and prepare for the worst. It can serve you well.

Hope I didn't offend anyone out there, but I'm sure I did!


Josh said...

What caused this rant?

You got rough...

EquisBuffy said...

The people that love me also call say that I'm negative or pessimistic. I prefer realistic. I'm with you sister!

BWL said...

if Katie didn't care so much about her appearance, she would be an awesome Goth chick.

"ohhh everything sucks, we're all in trouble, the end is near, happy people are blind to the cold dark real world, emo music is the best"

SoMi's Nilsa said...

I think any extreme can be a dangerous thing. People who are always down need to find a way back up. People who are always up are medicated. =)

ashkindred said...

This makes me feel better for being such a pessimist. I've been forcing the positivity on myself in hopes that I'd be happier, but it only stresses me out.

Rock on, Pessimism!!!

Elizabeth Kaylene said...

It annoys me when people are overly positive sometimes, too, especially when I'm feeling especially down.

I think we all have ups and downs, whether we want to admit it or not.