Tuesday, September 30, 2008

A Difficult Life

So, I had the following conversation with a friend of mine this morning. In an effort to protect her identity, I will call her "Candy". (I'm sure she will love that)

Candy: I realized something last night

me: what?

Candy: This time of year (fall) REALLY stresses me out.
I mean, first you have the fact that all of our weekends are spent out of town at football games or other such things.
Then, the biggest thing is Fall TV.
here are so many shows to watch and so little time.
My DVR list is so long and I never have time to catch up!
I don't even have time to read all of my magazines waiting on my kitchen counter Katie!

me: i know. i was thinking along those same lines yesterday b/c we're going to be gone all weekend and i can't catch up on my tv
well you can read the magazines on the road

Candy: I can't believe there are people in Africa worried about where they will find their next piece of bread or drink of water when there is real stuff to worry about like Fall TV and magazines.

me: ha!! i know .. and what we will wear to biggie's wedding, rehearsal dinner., etc

Candy: YES!

me: and do we have enough yellow stuff to wear for tech games?

Candy: I think I need to take a sick day

me: maybe you should!

Candy: And I have zero time to do my nails

Now, you may read this and think "how shallow ... we have serious problems facing this country -- national security, education, terrible economy, increasing crime, etc." And you would be correct. But the point is that life gets increasingly difficult as we age, and I personally think it is important to find an outlet. My outlet is TV. Maybe a better outlet would be exercise, or reading, charity work, or something educational. But for me, TV it is. Don't you dare judge me!!

*** Side note: Candy and I had this conversation in jest. If you know her at all, you'll be able to figure out who Candy really is and you also know that she was only kidding. Kindof

PANTHER -- does this count as gossiping about my friends?


BWL said...

who names their kid "Candy"?

Katie said...

someone who wishes for their child to become a stripper

Josh said...

Or somebody who is a fat cow with a sweet tooth.

No offense Becky

Carrie Test said...