Monday, September 17, 2012

St. Lucia - part I

I still haven't blogged/posted pictures from Labor Day weekend and I'll get to that eventually.  Once Mom sends me the pics :) (hint hint ...)

Anyway, we just returned from a fantastic trip to St. Lucia.   This was a belated 5-year anniversary celebration, so our parents gracefully offered to keep Wyatt while we were away.  He stayed with my parents for the first half of the week and then with Ben's parents the second half.  I'm not sure who had a better vacation -- us or Wyatt .... he was VERY well taken care of, entertained, and spoiled rotten and he loved every minute of it!

I'm breaking this down day-by day .... so its kindof like you're on vacation too, right?  No, seriously though I love being able to look back at recaps of trips and events and this is the best way for me to remember all the details.

We flew out of ATL on Saturday morning prepared for a 4 hour 45 minute flight.  It ended up taking only 4 hours, so total bonus there :) (How does it take so long to get to the caribbean??)  We arrived at the airport and were picked up shortly after landing.  We hopped into a van prepared for another long transfer to our resort.

Our nice driver did stop on the way so we could get a few pictures.  Check the view!  In the interest of full disclosure, this picture was actually taken on our very LAST day on the way back to the airport after we learned to use the panoramic feature on our camera.  But still ... gorgeous, right?

We took photos of each other first.

Then someone offered to take one for us.

They aren't real skilled at using a camera ................

Seriously ... I'm not saying I'm some great photog or anything but I wish I could clone myself to take photos of us because of things like that.  Oh well.

We arrived at the resort and sipped champagne while we waited to check-in to our rooms and looked around the resort for a bit.

We did go out to the pool for a little while, but didn't take any pics of that or of our dinner that evening.  I promise the remainder of our days are much more exciting!

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