Wednesday, September 26, 2012

St. Lucia - part VI

We decided to take advantage of one of the sister resorts for the day/evening on Thursday.  We got up early, ate breakfast and caught the shuttle over to another part of the island.  I'm glad we did this because it just gave us a whole different perspective.  This resort was on a flatter part of the island, so the views and beach were totally different. 

We relaxed in these awesome floating devices in the water for quite a while.  (Until I got cold -- it was a little overcast that day as you can kinda tell).  I've never seen those things before, but they were like baby pools (with mesh on bottom so water came in) and were tethered to the ocean floor so you really could relax without getting too hot or floating away! 

After a quick beach-side lunch we went back down to the beach for some pictures.  I had realized that we didn't really have any pictures of the two of us on the beach.  We found these sweet (and also probably drunk) ladies to take our picture.  They were all drinking Pitons and insisted that we borrow their beers to pose for the picture! 

We spent the afternoon split between the beach and pool just relaxing.  The only downside was the overcast weather and we were worried all day that it was going to rain.  It eventually did, but not until late in the afternoon. 

Once the rain came in, we decided to go inside and get ready for dinner.  I told Ben that I really thought I should be on some kind of reality survivalist show because all I brought was a change of clothes, a sample-sized tooth paste, shampoo, and a tiny bit of makeup.  I really was roughing it!

We had a great dinner at their little Italian restaurant.  The food was excellent, service sucked.  It was very obvious that they were trying to shuffle people in and out quickly. 

By the time we got dessert, Ben had asked our waitress and 2 others for another glass of wine.  It never came.  So we occupied Toscanini's until they finally did come to refill our glasses. 

It was a great day .... and I've got one last day full of photos for you tomorrow! 

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