Tuesday, September 18, 2012

St. Lucia - part II

We woke up pretty early on our first full day -- as much as I like the idea of sleeping late, I also hate the thought of missing out on anything.  So, we were up early and out the door and on a shuttle to the top of our resort for breakfast.  We ate a leisurely breakfast and enjoyed this view.

I could seriously get used to that.  And also the mimosas .... I'm pretty sure Ben had three EACH morning.  Coffee is to me as Mimosas are to Ben. 

After breakfast, we went to the cliffside pool and enjoyed the same view + pool.  We were up early enough each day to get a prime spot under an umbrella and in the pool in time to get a float.  So, all morning we pretty much lounged in the pool or in our chairs. 

It was Sunday, which is a sacred day for anyone who is into Fantasy Football so around lunch time we made a quick stop by the room so that Ben could set his lineups and I could change into a dry suit. 

After the important lineup decisions were made, we went to one of the beachside resturants for a little lunch.  We had Piton beers (local beer -- very good) and delicious wood-fired pizzas. 

Oh and we saw your dad. 

We saw all these people paddle-surfing while we were eating lunch and it looked like so much fun.  It also looked easy so we figured we would go out and try it that afternoon.  

So here I am ... I look like a natural, right? 

 And here is Ben ...

Because we're ALL about the pictures, we decided we should take our camera out with us so we could get some action shots.  We did put it in a ziploc baggie, but the goal was to NOT fall.  Well, within about 32 seconds of being on the board I fell of course.  Fortunatley Ben had our camera at the time.  We paddled a bit more, he took photos and handed the camera off to me.  Then he fell.  Lesson learned : paddle-surfing isn't as easy as it looks!  (But luck was on our side that day, I suppose)

We spent the afternoon down by the main pool and just relaxed and enjoyed the views.  And also the swim-up bar.  
We weren't ready for dinner in time to get a well-lit picture.  The sunsets are so pretty, but also EARLY.  We enjoyed dinner poolside and then went to the pub for beers and football. 

And Ben won his fantasy game!  (But technically he didn't win until Monday night)

Stay with me .... tomorrow we go on the zip line!

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